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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the series of articles on Paladin Retribution in World Of Warcraft: Classic. This article was based on Classic Retribution Paladin Guide – WoW Classic 1.13 originally published by WoWHead on 08/24/2019. As this article is quite extensive, we also set it up into parts that can be found in the list above.

Recommended Breeds

Race/Class Druid Hunter Wizard Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Witch Warrior
Night Elf


Paladins are exclusive to the Alliance in the Classic, meaning if you want to play with a Paladin, you must create it in the Alliance. As we can also observe, only two races can choose this class: Human and Nod. Humans will be significantly better for PvE, while in PvP, the chosen race will be something more personal to the player.


Humans are significantly better for PvE due to the extra skill with weapons, thanks to the racial Emdeption Specialization and Sword Specialization. Extra melee ability means a lower chance of getting off, a lower chance of receiving stronger strikes, and a lower chance of having your attacks dodged.

Diplomacy is also an excellent time savings for when you need to earn a reputation for equipment, mounts and other resources at level 60. Humans are decent in PvP because of Perception, which allows you to see a potential Rogue before it throws itself at you. This is only if you use the ability when you are near one of them. However, because you need to enable Perception to use it, it's incredibly situational and can be challenging to use it at the right time. Their racial bonuses are:


While dwarves do not provide benefits for PvE, they can be good for PvP. Stone Form is an extremely powerful ability that can change the course of a fight when a Rogue or Warrior is attacking you, allowing you to remove effects from bleeds and poisons, which includes Blinding. Eventually, in AQ40, Stoneform will be useful due to the high number of poison debuffs, but will rarely be needed in other dungeons or raids.

Best breeds for Paladins in the Alliance

  • PvE: Human;
  • PvP: Personal Preference.

Best Breeds for Paladins in the Horde

  • PvE: Class Not Available;
  • PvP: Class Not Available.

Recommended Professions

Similar to BFA, the professions in classic offer no direct combat benefit just by owning them. Most of the time, you should choose professions that you like, or perhaps, that give you more gold. Gold in the Classic is extremely important because almost everything depends on this currency, skills, flights, equipment, consumables and even PvP. Most professions can help you earn gold one way or another, but having collecting professions like Mining, Herborism and Skinning are very good as a way to have gold.


Although most professions do not offer combat benefits, Engineering is the exception. Engineers have access to tons of powerful pumps, tools, and trinkets that can be incredibly strong, especially in PvP. Trinkets such as Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector, Gyglyl Ice Reflector, and Ultra-Bright Shadow Reflector allow you to reflect spells of a specific type when used, which can easily change the outcome of a fight. Grenades like Iron Grenade are essential to stun a target from a distance, allowing you to interrupt a cast or escape in a bad situation. There are also tons of various items and equipment, such as Gobline Rocket Helmet, which have different special effects and uses in PvP situations. Engineering is one of the most popular professions of the classic and for good reason. If you plan to do PvP or something other than casual, Engineering is almost a requirement due to the strength of the consumables it brings.

Like melee DPS, Gnamic Battle Chicken is also a powerful trinket due to its process that can increase melee damage to all other members of the group when the chicken becomes enraged.

[title_block title=”Pontos Positivos”]
  • Strong damage buffs
  • Extremely powerful cooldowns
  • High Resistance in PvP
  • Easy to equip
[title_block title=”Pontos Negativos”]
  • Low mobility
  • Low continuous damage

Paladins are one of the biggest reasons why many guilds and players choose to play in the Alliance. Paladins bring powerful buffs such as Blessing of Power and Blessing of Kings, which are huge bonuses for damage, mana, and survivability in a raid.

Paladins have many powerful cooldown skills that can easily change the outcome of a fight. Divine Shield is perhaps the most notorious spell. This can make you immune to any damage for 10 seconds, allowing you to heal yourself or take out your opponent without worrying about anything they can do. Other spells such as Impose and Hands can instantly heal a target for the paladin's full life, or the Blessing of Freedom, which can make the target immune to all effects that impair movement for 10 seconds. Paladins have more cooldowns than most of the game's class, some of which are undoubtedly the most powerful cooldowns in the game.

Due to their plate armor and strong defensive cooldowns, paladins are incredibly resilient in PvP. With Purification to dissipate magical effects, strong healing skills and other powerful cooldowns, Paladins are hard to kill. This makes paladins retribution extremely effective in the open world, solo or in group.

Paladins of Retribution is the only DPS-focused specialization that uses 2H weapons as the main weapon. Warriors are the only other class that can use 2H weapons as their main weapon, but most will choose to play focused on the tree of fury, which means they will use 1H weapons. As a plate user, you can also use all types of armor when mounting your Pre-Raid BiS, offering more options than most classes.

However, although Freedom Blessing is a powerful ability to get rid of control effects and slowness, you have no increase in movement speed. This means that if someone wants to chase you or arrest you, you won't be able to get away from it, other than using a control skill like the Hammer of Justice to stun you before you run. This can make solo PvP quite tricky against long-range classes, especially if you don't have cooldowns available, winning can be almost impossible while alone.

Retribution Paladins will be among the worst in DPS meters in most raids. At all stages, other DPS, such as rogues and warriors, will be far superior when it comes to raid damage. For this reason, The Paladins of Retribution are a rarity in most raid groups. In PvP, you have a high burst potential if your auto attack and procs are critical, but you will suffer in any PvE environment at the maximum level.


Due to their low damage, Retribution Paladins are generally not found in most attack groups. The vast majority of Paladins will choose to attack as Sacred to facilitate access to a raid group, but some Retribution Paladins will find guilds or groups to raid. If a group decides to bring a Paladin of Retribution, it will usually be at most one and will be due to a missing Blessing for Holy Paladins. If you want to play as a Paladin of Retribution, know that it will be an uphill battle, and finding a group to consistently raid will be a challenge.

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