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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Tailoring Guide.

The focus of this guide is to help them pick up the maximum level of Tailoring in Battle For Azeroth.

About the profession

Tailoring is a diverse production profession that allows players to use various fabrics and other reagents to create armor, bags, spells and even flying carpets! Tailoring is usually desired by the cloth clothing classes (Mage, Priest, Wizard).

Tailors can find tissues commonly in humanoids and occasionally in other types of monsters, and have a higher chance of finding extra tissues when learning cloth cleansing. In Cataclysm and beyond, Tailors with over 400 abilities have a chance to steal 50% more fabric.

In addition to armor with attributes, Tailors can create a wide range of accessories and shirts.

In The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, some of the best armor created required the player to have tailoring as one of his professions to equip. In 4.0.1, these specializations (Mooncloth Tailoring, Shadoweave Tailoring or Spellfire Tailoring) were removed and the tailors were able to learn all the recipes and transmute all the special fabrics.


Tailoring Trainers in BFA

In Battle For Azeroth, so you can learn the new recipes just go learn common instructor in the city of your faction. The profession is the same in both, the only difference is the name between them. While for the Alliance the name of the profession is Kul Tiraz Tailoring, for the Horde the name is Zandalar Tailoring.

The coaches are located in the capitals Boralus and Zandalar, you can find them at:

  • Alliance: You can find Daniel Tecessal at the Merchant Wind Warehouse in Boralus (76.85, 11.22).
  • Horde: You can find Pin'jin the Patient in Dazar'alor (44.33, 33.88).

Or you can also talk to a guard in Boralus or Dazar'alor and ask where the tailoring coach is. This will add a marker to your minimap.


Revenue Ranking

Most tailoring recipes in BFA have 3 ranks. The higher the rank, the more the materials needed to create a recipe are reduced. Higher rank recipes also give skill points for much longer, so it will be much cheaper to upar Tailoring if you are revered with the new factions of bfa because you can use cheaper recipes for longer.


Materials Needed

In most steps, you can create multiple tailoring potions, so you can't list the exact number of items needed to reach level 175 in the profession.

Keep in mind that if you are revered with most factions, then you will need fewer items as you will be able to upar using rank 3 recipes.

Below you will find a list that is usually the cheapest way to upar, but the price of items varies from region to region.


1 to 60

The recipe will turn yellow/green in the last few points, which will make you spend more items on the last points.


61 to 75

Generally, the Nylon Thread is sold by the profession instructor or some npc of resources close to the instructor.


76 to 150

You'll use all the Deep Sea Embroidered Satin that you create on your epic armor and later when updating them. Or you'll use them when you receive the Pattern: Embroidered Deep Sea Bag recipe. (Random drop from the world in Kul Tiraz / Zandalar)

The recipe will turn yellow/green in the last few points, which will make you spend more items on the last points.


151 to 160

Good to be able to upar from the 150, it is necessary to have completed the initial missions of Nazjatar, because without this will not locate these NPCs. If you've already completed, just talk to the instructors. Instructor Alikana or Jada.


171 to 175

Buy notorious combatant satin clamps recipe (Rank 3) for 4x Mark of Honor from the same rank 2 NPCs.


Blackmoon Fair

You can enjoy the Blackmoon Fair when it is available. Thanks to the missions, you can get up to +5 skill points in Tailoring. I recommend that you use these missions when you have 170 skill points in Tailoring.


And that's it, I hope you enjoyed this guide and congratulations on achieving 175 points in Tailoring! Be sure to share with your migos that need to upar Tailoring! And check out our other articles, i bet you'll love it! =D


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