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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Fishing Guide.

The focus of this guide is to help them catch the maximum fishing level in Battle For Azeroth.

About the profession

Fishing is a secondary profession that allows players to fish in the various rivers, seas and oceans found in the world. Different areas require certain skill levels before the player can fish in the waters.

Fish and other marine life obtained through Fishing are typically used in cooking to create various types of dish that help to regain life or grant some buff. Players who like to fish can perform various daily fishing missions in search of special rewards contained in bags like Bag of Shiny Things, or even compete in Fishing events – A Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza and Kalu'ak Fishing Derby – for valuable prizes!

In Pandaria, Fishermen are a faction dedicated to all things related to fishing. Completing daily fishing missions will increase your reputation and allow you to purchase special mounts (Azure Water Strider reins) and fishing rods.You can also get friends with Nat Pagle to buy Nat's Fishing Journal!

In Legion, Fishing gains great focus thanks to an Artifact Weapon!

It is worth remembering that the Fishing ability has no effect on the amount of fish you catch in BFA zones. You will catch the same number of fish in fishing skill lvl1 or lvl175. Nowadays in addition to the resource that can be obtained in fishing, the only reason to upafisher is to obtain achievements.


Bfa Fishing Trainers

In Battle For Azeroth, so you can learn the new recipes just go learn common instructor in the city of your faction. The profession is the same in both, the only difference is the name between them. While for the Alliance the name of the profession is Kul Tiraz Fishing, for the Horde the name is Zandalar Fishing.

The coaches are located in the capitals Boralus and Zandalar, you can find them at:

  • Alliance: You can meet Alan Goya in Boralus (74.2, 5.7).
  • Horde: You can find Tali Calada in Dazar'alor (50.6, 23.2).

Or you can also talk to a guard in Boralus or Dazar'alor and ask where the jewelry coach is. This will add a marker to your minimap.


BFA Fish

Fish don't come from more than one specific zone. Instead, you can find 3 specific types of fish in the Kul Tiraz zones, 3 specific in zandalar zones, 2 specific in Nazjatar, 1 specific in Mechagon and you can fish 2 specific in all zones.


How to upar the profession

You can only upar your BFA Fishing in Zandalar or Kul Tiraz. You won't earn BFA Fishing skill points if you fish elsewhere.

You can train your fishing from 1 to 175 anywhere that has water in Zandalar or Kul Tiraz. Go to the nearest water, find the fishing skill icon in your spell book (P) in the professions tab, drag that icon somewhere in your action bar. Stand in front of the lake/river and press the fishing button. Hover over the icon in the water, and when it moves, right-click.

If you start with skill 1 fishing in BFA, you will need to fish about 300 fish to reach 175, which takes about 2-3 hours.


And that's it, I hope you enjoyed this guide and congratulations on reaching 175 points in Fishing! Be sure to share with your migos that need to upar alchemy! And check out our other articles, i bet you'll love it! =D


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