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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Alchemy Guide.

The focus of this guide is to help them catch the maximum level of Alchemy in Battle For Azeroth.

About the Profession

Alchemy is one of the professions of production – which requires materials produced with another profession, usually Herborism. Alchemists turn various reagents (mainly Herbs) into powerful consumables that fall into one of the three categories below:

  • Elixirs – Provide you with a veritable and reasonably powerful bonus for a long period of time, but your effects are lost if the player dies. Each player can have up to two active elixirs – a Guardian Elixir and a Battle Elixir. Common Elixir effects are those that increase the player's secondary values – critical hit chance, acceleration, mastery, etc.
  • Bottles – Provide relatively basic but vital bonuses for a very long period of time. Effects of vials also persist through death, but only one can be active at the moment. Vials increase primary status – strength, agility, intelligence, spirit, or stamina.
  • Potions – Often forgotten, potions provide an instant or "explosive" enhancement. Due to their concentrated power, potions are limited to one use per combat. Common effects include an explosive increase in a primary attribute, or an instant replenishment of life or mana.

Apart from combat-oriented beverages, alchemists are also able to transmute elemental reagents, ores and gems into more powerful duplicates. For example, Pírio Bar can be created either by merging the rare Pyrite Ore or by an alchemist transmuting from Elementius Bar and a Volatile Earth, both quite common and inexpensive. Other transmutations include the transformation of three unusual gems and some herbs into one rare gem, as well as transforming one Volatile element (widely requested by various professions) into another.

Alchemy is not only about battle readiness and helping your allies with their professions – it's also fun. Skilled and lucky alchemists who have also decided to study Archaeology can create a Sand Jar, which teaches its user the exotic mount Draco de Sandstone. Potion to Find Treasures can bring a little income/profit and Stone Oil can as well… cause stiffness. Make you hardened. Literally.

Regardless of skill level, all alchemists learn Mixology, which increases the effectiveness and duration of all consumables they are able to make. This effect is personal, so only alchemists will receive the extra effect. In addition, while not a privilege-restricted part, sufficiently high skill level alchemists can create epic Philosopher's Stones such as trinems that not only provide excellent bonuses but also increase the effect of healing potions or mana when used by the alchemist.
When alchemists reach skill level of 325 and level 69, they can complete a specialization mission of the Apothecary Antonino in Outralém. Completing the mission allows them to sometimes increase the gain on elixirs, vials, potions or transmutations by up to 5 times. Every alchemist may have only one specialization, but when you complete the mission of your choice once, you can simply pay a fee and change your specialization, thus avoiding completing another time-consuming mission.

Check out our Herborism Guide on BFA (1-175) if you want to update your Herborism as well. If you don't have this profession, it's good to see if you have enough gold to buy the plants, because you'll need a lot of them.

Alchemy Trainers at BFA

In Battle For Azeroth, so you can learn the new recipes just go learn common instructor in the city of your faction. The profession is the same in both, the only difference is the name between them. While for the Alliance the name of the profession is Kul Tiraz's Alchemy, for the Horde the name is Zandalar's Alchemy.

The coaches are located in the capitals Boralus and Zandalar, you can find them at:

  • Alliance: You can find Elric Valgrine at the Merchant Wind Warehouse in Boralus (74.2, 6.6).
  • Horde: You can find Kumali the Smart on the Great Seal in Dazar'alor (42.23, 38,11).

Or you can also talk to some guard in Boralus or Dazar'alor and ask where the Alchemy coach is. This will add a marker to your minimap.

Revenue Ranking

Most alchemy recipes in BFA have 3 ranks. Rank 2 reduces the materials needed to create a recipe, and rank 3 has a chance to create extra potions and vials. Higher rank recipes also give skill points for much longer, so it will be much cheaper to upar alchemy if you are revered with the new factions of bfa because you can use cheaper recipes for longer.

Materials Needed

In most steps, you will be able to create multiple alchemy potions, so you cannot list the exact number of herbs needed to reach level 150 in the profession.

Keep in mind that if you are revered with most factions, then you will need less herbs as you will be able to upar using rank 3 recipes.

Below you will find a list that is usually the cheapest way to upar, but the price of herbs varies from region to region.

How to upar the profession

The characters who are Goblins got a +15 alchemy bonus thanks to their passive racial Better Living Through Chemistry. A skill that basically makes the recipes turn orange for another 15 points. (With this racial you can save a lot more gold producing low-level prescriptor by another 15 points.

1 to 37

Leave them in your bag, as you will need to use them later.

38 to 40

Make 3 of any of these:

You may have to earn more than 3 points if you are unlucky with skill gains in the previous phase. (or less if you're lucky)

41 to 50

Learn from your faction's profession instructor the rank 2 of the two recipes below and produce:

Remember to leave all the potions produced in your bag.

Rank 3 Recipes

If you are revered with the Storm Trail/Zandalari Empire, you can purchase rank 3 of the Coastal Healing Potion with your emissaries. Rank 3 allows the recipe to stay orange for another 25 points.

Now, if you are revered with the Proudmore Admiralty/Talanji Expedition, you can purchase rank 3 of the Coastal Mana Potion recipe from your emissaries. Rank 3 allows the recipe to stay orange for another 25 points.

Then you should do:

You will reach 75 by making these potions.

51 to 65

This recipe will be yellow/green for the last points, so it is possible that you will not reach 65. You can still go to the next step, you just have to make a few more potions.

Rank 3 Recipes

If you are revered with Order Of Embers / Voldunai, you can buy rank 3 of the Coastal Rejuvenation Potion with your emissaries.

Transform all your life potions and rule into Grade 3 – Coastal Rejuvenation Potion.That should take you to about 90-95.

76 to 115

Produce 50 of these:

The recipe will possibly be green in the last few spots, so you'll probably have to make more potions.

Rank 3

If you are revered with the Storm Trail/Zandalari Empire, you can purchase rank 3 of the Battle of Vigor Potion with your emissaries. So buy this recipe and do:

90 to 120

You can also make the other potions if you are revered with other factions.

116 to 145

Make 28 of any of these potions:

Rank 3

If you made the 3rd rank of the recipe in the previous step, then you can buy the Infinite Depths Bottle 3 rank because it is sold by the same NPCs.

If you purchased this recipe, make:

120 to 145

You can also make the other vials if you are revered with other factions.

146 to 160

Visit your Trainer Instructor Okanu/Narv in Nazjatar and learn how to produce Abyssal Healing Potion. (You need to finish the first introduction mission in Nazjatar before you can see these NPCs.)

161 to 175

Visit your Trainer Instructor Okanu/Narv in Nazjatar and learn rank 2 of the Abyssal Healing Potion. (You need to finish the first introduction mission in Nazjatar before you can see these NPCs.)

Blackmoon Fair

You can enjoy the Blackmoon Fair when it is available. Thanks to the missions, you can get up to +5 skill points in alchemy. I recommend that you use these missions when you have 170 skill points in alchemy.

And that's it, I hope you enjoyed this guide and congratulations on achieving 175 points in Alchemy! Be sure to share with your migos that need to upar alchemy! And check out our other articles, i bet you'll love it! =D


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