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Hello loves of mine? Is that all right? How about we talk about a new expansion of World Of Warcraft? Give a look below on everything that's going on in WoW:

A is the 8th expansion of World Of Warcraft and succeeds the expansion , it was officially announced at BlizzCon 2019 during the opening ceremony.

We had a lot of news in this announcement, such as Leveling Changes in WoW: Shadowlands, new zones, pact system, new fully dynamic dungeon and more.

Release Dates

There is currently no announced release date. But according to blizzard's press release announcing the new expansion, WoW: is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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Prices and Expansion Versions

The pre-sale of the new expansion began on November 1, 2019. And Blizzard has released three versions so that they can be purchased, namely:

Base Edition Heroic Edition Epic Edtion
Price (R$) R$120,00 R$180,00 R$270,00
Access to Shadowlands Yes Yes Yes
Early access to Allied race DKs and Pandarens No Yes Yes
Includes Character Upgrade to Level 120 No Yes Yes
Includes Serpeterna Bewitched Flying Mount No Yes Yes
Includes Anima mascot Morelita No No Yes
Includes 30 days of play No No Yes
Includes Eternal Traveler's Return Stone No No Yes
Includes Illusion: Spectral Cold No No Yes

So far, blizz has not mentioned whether it will make available a special collector's edition for Shadowlands.

Lore of Shadowlands

With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windwind opened the gates leading to the afterlife. Azeroth's defenders were seized by overwhelming darkness, and a force-strapped force threatens to break the shacks and end reality.

In recent years, the cycle of death has broken, and the souls taken to the Dark Lands no longer pass through the arbitral, being sent directly to The Gorja. As a result, Gorja and her jailer have become much stronger, while the other domains of the Shadowlands are becoming increasingly deprived of Anima, a key resource in the Dark Lands. Sylvanas Correventos has been working with the jailer for a long time, with the aim of causing as many deaths as possible, and with each death and soul sent to the gurb, she and the jailer become stronger. Many innocent souls, including the thousands of civilians killed during the War, are now suffering eternally in gorja.

When the adventurers arrive in the Dark Lands, they will also be sent directly to Gorja, but their innate connection to Azeroth will save them from an eternity of torment within the Gorja. However, some of their allies will be left behind, while adventurers are tasked with exploring the Dark Lands to understand the realm of the dead and hopefully become strong enough to return to Gorja and save their allies.

New racial customizations

Many racial customizations will be added in Shadowlands. Some customizations have been viewed at BlizzCon 2019, but others can be added to the Shadowlands development cycle.

  • Trolls and Dwarves will receive new war painting options.
  • Forsaken will be able to customize their decay levels.
  • Humans will receive more ethonically diverse faces.
  • Draeeis will be able to customize the length of the tail and the crystalline decorations.
  • The color of the eyes may be different from the color of the skin.

Changes in Leveling

With Shadowlands, the game will have a leveling redesign. Since now the maximum level is 60. Check out all the Leveling Changes in WoW: Shadowlands.

New maps and zones

In Shadowlands, we will explore the afterlife lands, where we know the places that mortal souls who died go to be judged and then sent to specific places, depending on their actions in life.

  • Oribos, the city of the immortals: It is the point of arrival of all souls in the Dark Lands, where they will be judged by the Arbiter, a being who determines where souls will spend their lives after death. Oribos serves as a union between the various darklands domains and is a meeting point for energy brokers, vehicles, emissaries, and soul traders, as well as serving as the player's center in the Dark Lands.
  • Bastion: It is a kingdom of crystalline spires and primitive skies, ruled by the Kyriano pact. The souls drawn to the service are sent to the Bastion by the Arbitrator, where they examine the acts of their lives and work toward a state of virtue, leaving aside the burdens of their life in search of ascension.
  • Maldraxxus: It is the heart of the dark lands military power, ruled by the Necrolords. Although it is home to wicked beings such as abominations and necromancers, not all maldraxxus beings are evil – they are simply hardened by battle. War-fueled souls that never surrender and thrive in the survival of the fittest environment are sent here by the Arbiter and are welcomed by the Necrolords.
  • Forest of Arden: It is an enchanted forest ruled by the Nocturnal Feérios. Serving as a dark mirror to Azeroth's Emerald Dream, the Forest of Arden is a place that focuses on rest, hibernation and eventual soul rebirth. Souls deeply attuned to nature are sent there by the Referee, where they prepare for rejuvenation and rebirth.
  • Revendreth: It is a land of dark secrets and Gothic spires, ruled by the Venthyr pact. Proud or flawed souls in life are sent here by the Arbiter to atone for their sins and seek redemption through the torment inflicted by the vampiric Venthyr.
  • The Gorja: It is the end zone of the Dark Lands, a truthing vortex composed of the most vile souls sent to the Dark Lands and ruled by the Jailer, a being that has never been seen before. The referee sends only to gorja, souls who are deemed irredeemable and a threat to the Shadowlands if left free. No one has ever escaped the Gorja, and those who went to explore the vortex were never heard from again.

Dungeons and Raids

We will have 9 new dungeons, released along with the expansion. Four available during leveling, and another five maximum level expansion. And a raid.

  • Leveling Dungeons
    • The Necrotic Wake
    • Plaguefall
    • Mists of Tirna Scithe
    • Halls of Atonement
  • Maximum Level Dungeons
    • Theater of Pain
    • The Other Side
    • Spires of Ascension
    • Sanguine Depths
    • Thorgast, Tower of the Damned – A special, procedurally-generated dungeon.
  • Raid
    • Castle Nathria in Revendreth, which contains 10 bosses.


Pacts are a new take on factions in Shadowlands. In Shadowlands, there are four powers that govern each of the death areas in Shadowlands. From the judgment of the arbitrator, souls are sent to each covenant to help them find a purpose in the afterlife:

  • The Bastion Kyriana Alliance governs the souls who served a life of service, offering them the chance to examine their past actions and seek ascension to become Kyrians.
  • The Necrolords of Maldraxxus rule over battle-hardened souls and reward strength, while weaker souls become fuel for Maldraxxus' cosmic weapons. Those who are considered determined quickly reach positions of power.
  • The Nocturnal Feérios of the Forest of Arden accept those with a deep connection to nature, using anima in the Dark Lands to infuse sleeping spirits with the knowledge of the ancients and preparing them for rebirth.
  • The Venthyr of Revendreth take souls who were imperfect or proud in life, but can still obtain redemption. The Venthyr punish those who have lived a life of sin, determining whether they are worthy of redemption in the Dark Lands.

Choosing a pact is the biggest character choice in Shadowlands. Each pact provides different utility skills, class skills, soul binding, and even cosmetic rewards, such as pact-themed armor, with details on the back, and upgradeable mounts. Anyone who wants to change the pacts can do so at a high price.

Learn more about pacts by clicking here.

Anima and Soul Link

Torghast is a tower located in the heart of Gorja, the final zone of Shadowlands. Hosting the most vile souls who have ever made it to the Dark Lands, Torghast is a scalable dungeon of 1 to 5 people, processed, generated by procedures, which becomes increasingly difficult as players progress. Due to its procedurally generated nature, you never know what you will find in Torghast, with levels and enemies changing every time you climb the mysterious tower. Unlike previous challenge modes such as Mythic+, Torghast is not a scheduled event, allowing players to explore the tower at their own pace and earn additional rewards.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Anima is a native feature of Shadowlands that feeds all the kingdoms of the Dark Lands, helping the pacts maintain their goal. Anima will be obtained from various sources in the Dark Lands and using in a new system called Soul Link, where you will become bound to the soul of an NPC of your pact and have access to many new talents while bound to the soul with this NPC.

While this seems like artifact power from previous expansions, Anima will not be infinitely farmable, with a set limit of how much Anima you can get every day.

The forge of domination

The legendary will return to Shadowlands with an entirely new acquisition system. The developers stated that while they liked how the legendary worked in legion, they did not like the acquisition methods heavy by RNG. In Shadowlands, players will have access to the Domination Forge, a special forge where artifacts such as the Lich King Domination Helmet and Frostmourne were originally created.

It has been declared that the system works similarly to Mechagon's items, where you can create legendary armor and add sfixes to it.

Skills Changes

We're going to have a lot of skill changes in Shadowlands. Many skills previously removed or transformed into talents (the so-called "pruning process") over the years are now returning as a base for players. Some examples were provided during BlizzCon 2019, but remember that this is not yet final and that more unrotten skills can return before the expansion is released.

Check out all the changes by clicking here.


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