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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? As you know we had Blizzcon on 01 and 02 November 2019. With this we had a lot of information, including the announcement of the new expansion of WoW, called Shadowlands! Check out the official trailer.

One of the novelties of BlizzCon 2019 is the return of the legendary system, similar to legion. The new legendary ones will be items that will directly influence your style of play. However, instead of being randomly dropped now we can get them through a new progression of solo/group content and at Torghast, the tower of the damned.

Ancient Legendary for XMOG

One of the things most requested by players was the possibility of transmogrid the old legendary items in the current items. And in Shadowlands we'll finally have that chance! Blizz has confirmed that in the next expansion if you have the legendary, you can use it as a model of the xmog.

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