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Hello bbs, how are you guys? Looking forward to Patch 8.3? I hope so! And to help you, I translated this guide from wowhead. I hope you enjoy it, because it did a great job, since it has a lot of content. Shall we go?

Release Date

The third BFA patch, Visions of N'Zoth, will be officially released in January 2020. Check below:

January 14, 2020 January 15, 2020


This new content patch will include N'Zoth attacks in two zones: Uldum and Valley of Eternal Flowers. N'Zoth took control and corrupted these areas. By participating in these attacks, you'll earn a reputation with Uldum Accord and Rajani and earn a new currency: coalescing visions.

We will have wrathion's participation in this patch, starting with a long line of introductory missions that will serve as a tutorial for the main systems of this patch.This includes his own legendary cover, the (Item #169223) and a plan to end N'zoth's Horrible Visions.

The Titanforging system is being removed for all patch 8.3 content and replaced by the new Corrupted Equipment system, which will provide powerful effects but at a cost. Participating in Horrible Visions will allow you to upgrade wrathion's Legendary Cloak, helping you combat some of the negative effects of the Corrupted gear. In addition, new Essences are being added for all functions as well as new recipes for Professions.

Two new allied races are being added to the game: Vulpera for the Horde and Mechagnouns for the Alliance.Death knights in allied races will also be available to players who have purchased Shadowlands in pre-order.

Goblin and Worgen will receive the heirloom armor! If you want to apply transmogrificar your equipment with legendary weapon appearances, Patch 8.3 will finally allow you to do so! Except for the Warglaives of Azzinoth, these are still exclusive to Demon Hunters.

This patch also helps if you are looking for a unique Island Expeditions reward as there are new items that can be purchased with (Coin #1710). Finally, the Auction House is getting a nice of a rework.

More content will be released in patch on January 21, when the fourth season of Battle of Azeroth begins. This marks the opening of the new Ny'alotha raid, the new PvP season, and the new mythical + seasonal afix, Awakened, as well as Heroic Black Coast. Season four will also arrive with an overall item level increase for most systems, with the limit for most systems being 475, except for the two final bosses from Ny'alotha, who drop 485 equipment.

What to do when launching patch?

This is a quick summary of what to do, but it already helps a lot!

  • Complete the introductory missions to unlock the new patch systems;
  • Buy any essence of Mechagon or Nazjatar that have had their costs nerfados;
  • Unlock the new allied races Vulpera and Mechagnomo;
  • Create a Death Knight with some allied race if you bought Shadowlands;
  • Whether you're a Worgen or Goblin, complete the faction's quest line to unlock your heritage armor;
  • Spend your entire son (Coin #1710) on the new boxes to get the Expeditionmounts mounts;
  • Apply transmog to your weapon with the appearance of your legendary favorite – as long as they are not the Warglaives of Azzinoth.

Patch Notes do Patch

Check out the patch changes in Blizzard patch notes. Because there were many modifications, I could not bring it translated. But you can check it out in full by clicking here.

Allied Races

The Allied races Vulpera and Mechagnomo are finally available! By unlocking the Vulpera you win the mount (Item #174066) and unlocking the Mechagnomo unlocks the mount (Item #174067).

To unlock these new allied races, you must complete the following requirements:

If you want to unlock the Heirloom Armor, you must upaee a Vulpera or Mechagnomo from Level 20 to Level 110 without using a Boost.

Patch Introductory Missions

Introductory missions unlock all new systems in Patch 8.3, but to access them there is a prerequisite: You must have unlocked Nazjatar and the essences of Azerite in your character before receiving the initial quest.

To get to Uldum, the best way is to use the Uldum portal in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Please note that this portal is located next to cataclysm portals and not in the portal room of each city. Another way is to take the portal from Zuldazar/Boralus to Silithus and fly from there.

Engineers can use (Item #18986) to reach Tanaris and the Black Iron Dwarves can use (Spell #265225) to go to Un'goro Crater after unlocking the site.

To reach the Valley of Eternal Flowers, the best way is to use the Jade Forest portal, located in the Portal Room in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Mages can use Teleport and (Spell #132626), engineers can use their (Item #87215), Black Iron Dwarves can use their (Spell #265225) to Howling Wind Cave on Mount Kun-lai or Thunder Malt Brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds after unlocking these locations.

Characters who played during Pandaria who completed dungeons in Challenge Mode: Gold can have access to extra portals to the continent such as (Spell #131225), (Spell #131222) and (Spell #131206).

Although it's not a prominent location in the patch, you'll need to go there during the getting started mission line.Alliance players can easily fly from Stormwind to Black-Andea Descent, however, Horde players don't have that facility. Horde players can teleport to the Black Portal by talking to (PNJ #150131) in the Portal Room in Orgrimmar.

Mages can teleport or use (Spell #49361) in the Swamp of Sorrows, The Black Iron Dwarves can use their (Spell #265225) to Umbraforja City in the Blackrock Abyss after unlocking it, Players who own it (Item #37863) can use it to transport it to the depths of the Blackrock, players who played during Legion can use their (Item #142469) or karazhan mission line equivalent to go to the dungeon, players with (Item #22631) can also create a portal for Karazhan and Druids can use (Spell #193753) to go to the Twilight Forest.

Characters played during Warlords of Draenor who completed the Gold Challenge Mode at Upper Blackrock Spire can gain access to teleport (Spell #159902) to the dungeon.

Corrupted Equipment

Instead of an Item forged by the Titans, items can now become Corrupted and can be randomly applied to any Season 4 item! Content from the previous season cannot be corrupted and will continue to be Forged by the Titans up to a maximum of 455.

Corrupted items will have the following characteristics:

  • A quantity of a corruption statistic
  • A positive fix bonus that increases your power in some way when you equip the item

This creates a risk and reward system that allows the highest-level equipment to be the best, but retains a reason to continue to farm it in the hope of something better. However, unlike Titanforging, you will have to be careful when equipping many corrupted items, as a high corruption status will cause some rather considerable negative effects.

You can get a positive effect like Infinite Stars and a negative effect like Inevitable Doom.

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