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"With every choice, you become more my servant." —N'zoth's whisper during the fight against Uu'nat.

N'Zoth one of the lesser known ancient gods in Warcraft. It was speculated that he was trapped at the bottom of the ocean at Azeroth. Little has been heard of N'Zoth during the champions' journey at Azeroth. However, we began to find reports about him in some subscribers.

Its name is pronounced"Ne-Zoth" or "Ni-Zoth".

N'Zoth's official bfa title is "The Corruptor" due to his involvement with the corruption of Queen Azshara, Neltharion and the Emerald Nightmare.

Main Title: The ancient god of the deep
Race: Ancient God (Aberration)
ion: Ancient Gods, Black Empire, Emerald Nightmare
: Ny'alotha
s: Dead (From 8.3)

Known Titles

  • God of the Deep
  • (spoken by Xal'atath)
  • God of Nothingness
    (spoken by Azshara)
  • The Corruptor
  • God of madness
  • The primordial evil
  • The Lord of Madness
  • Butler of Madness
  • King of Madness
  • The one who's crazy
  • Master of Madness
  • Incarnation of Madness
  • Hand of Madness
  • Dark Lord
  • Lord about all the madness
  • King on all madness
  • Patriarch of all follies


  • C'Thun (brother)
  • Y'Shaarj (brother)
  • Yogg-Saron (brother)
  • Sha of fear (nephew)
  • Sha of anger (nephew)
  • Hate sha (nephew)
  • Sha of pride (nephew)
  • Sha of doubt (nephew)
  • Sha of Despair (nephew)
  • Sha of Violence (nephew)

What is N'Zoth?

N'Zoth is one of the four ancient gods of Azeroth, he is considered the weakest of the ancient gods, but the only surviving ancient God in Battle For Azeroth. The ancient gods are mythological beings of Titanic times, they were imprisoned by the titans during the ordination of Azeroth.

There wasn't much information about N'Zoth until the Blood War started in BFA. He was always very elusive and everything about him was a great mystery, especially since he is the last living ancient god. Until then, before the war most of the inhabitants of Azeroth if they wanted to know his name, let alone as it was. Only remnants of ancient knowledge were found that claimed his existence in the darkest depths of the ocean for millennia without end.

There are rumors that N'Zoth helped his other brothers corrupt the Dragonico Aspect of Neltharion, transforming him in the future into Deathwave. He is also responsible for transforming Queen Azshara and her Altaneiros into Nagas, and also assisted in the creation of the Emerald Nightmare. For many years, the little that had been known about him consisted of mere speculation. And it was only in BFA that N'Zoth became the main threat of the Azeroth races, his servants were spreading more and more and becoming increasingly aggressive. And thanks to Azshara's plans, N'Zoth's prisons were broken and the ancient god was freed at Azeroth.

N'Zoth and the Black Empire

The Black Empire and the control of every ancient god under Azeroth

During ancient times there was a great Empire of the ancient gods, N'Zoth controlled a vast area in the eastern part of Azeroth. Much of this area controlled by N'Zoth later, after the destruction of the Spring of Eternity, would be called Eastern Kingdoms.

During the Titans' war with the Black Empire, the titans created armies from the crust of Azeroth and they had the task of killing all the ancient gods. However, after they managed to defeat Y'Shaarj, the pantheon discovered that the ancient gods were so rooted in Azeroth that if they were totally destroyed they would also cause great destruction in Azeroth itself, if not completely destroy it. So to prevent this from happening, they decided to create huge prisons to prevent the ancient gods from being able to continue their corruption, and N'Zoth was the first to be imprisoned.

—Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1, page 42:

Horrified by the course of events, the Pantheon realized that he could not risk destroying the other Ancient Gods in this way. Those evil creatures had become so deeply entrenched in the world that plucking them would destroy Azeroth himself.

The Pantheon knew that the only possible action was to imprison the other ancient gods where they were and prevent their evil forces from manifesting themselves again. It would be a difficult task, but possible with the help of the guardians. By order of the Pantheon, those forged by the titans devised a plan to eliminate the last vestiges of the Dark Empire forever. They would fight each of the ancient gods directly. Once the creatures were slaughtered, Arkhaedas would create underground chambers to contain them. Mimiron would then devise colossal machines to lock up the ancient gods where they were. When this work was complete. Loken would cast in every prison a charm that would neutralize the evil of the ancient gods.

Once the plans were defined, those forged by the titans began their campaign. Great battles unfolded along the way as the titan forged headed southeast towards the bastion of N'Zoth. After crushing the ancient god, the guardians used their powers to lock the creature in an underground prison.

Azeroth after the ordination of the titans and the prisons of each of the ancient gods

N'Zoth and The Ancient War

When the spring of eternity was destroyed in the war of the ancients and separated Kalimdor, Queen Azshara was approached by a strange red-eyed fish. This fish told Azshara things like "give up your empire" and "give up" when your kingdom collapsed.

Azshara, however powerful a sorceress, even her shields had already been consumed, taking her and her court to sea. However, Azshara did not feel it. The fish turned out to be N'Zoth, telling Azshara that he watched her for life. He offered visions of the Black Empire that N'Zoth dominated in the past, and offered salvation to Azshara in exchange for his submission becoming his hand."

Azshara convinced N'Zoth that she would not be a hand-held, but a queen to rule alongside the ancient God. N'Zoth reluctantly agreed to the deal, granting Azshara more powers and turning her and her followers into nagas.

Check out the video below posted by Blizzard telling this story.

N'Zoth and the Emerald Nightmare

4500 years before World War I, Archdruid Fandral Guenelmo took branches from Nordassil, the tree of the world, and planted them on saronite deposits that quickly began to be born in several different locations.The largest tree grew over a huge saronite deposit in the Gris Mountains and was named Andrassil. Over time, bloody battles began to emerge in Nortundria between the Taunka and the Forest Nymphs, two relatively peaceful races. The brutality of the battles between the two races led the Druids of the Cenarian Circle to investigate.

What was discovered shocked the Cenarian Circle. Vordrassil's roots have deeply reached the soil. They were so deep that they reached the ancient prison of the Ancient God Yogg-Saron, who managed to corrupt the tree-world, leading all creatures near by to madness. The Tree of the World did not have the blessings of the Aspects, so it was known to be susceptible to corruption. This led the Cenarian Circle to the difficult decision to destroy the tree, renaming its fallen stump Vordrassil.

Although Andrassil had to be destroyed, he was strong enough to stop the saronites from growing. However, Yogg-Saron's corruption did not stop there, as he used Andrassil's roots to create a portal to the Emerald Dream, which could be used by the other Ancient Gods to enter the Dream. This allowed the other ancient gods, including N'Zoth, to plant seeds that would eventually grow and begin what is called the Emerald Nightmare.

N'Zoth at Cataclysm

Remaining in his prison untouched by mortals. N'Zoth knew the heroes would find him at one time or another. He knew he was weaker than C'Thun and Yogg-Saron, and took advantage of the time the heroes were recovering to work on their plans.

With mortals still recovering from the war against the Lich King and the Aspects suffering their own losses, N'Zoth knew it was time to act and ushered in Twilight Hour. N'Zoth acted by corrupting the black dragon Deathwing, infusing it with an immense power that would leave the ancient dragon in a very unstable form. This led the Death Wave to launch the Cataclysm, coming out of its deep sleep on the Geodome and changing Azeroth forever.

N'Zoth also encountered the Elemental Lords, former allies of the Ancient Gods during the Black Empire. Ragnaros and Al'Akir responded to this call by participating in the war once again.

Eventually, Twilight Hour was interrupted when the heroes defeated the Elemental Lords and deathwings himself, ending the Cataclysm.

N'Zoth in Legion

N'Zoth's influence is deep in the Emerald Nightmare. Xavius, the nightmare lord, had his power thanks to N'Zoth. Il'gynoth was the main source of corruption within the nightmare, he brought several prophecies, and after being defeated, said he was returning to Ny'alotha, the sleeping city that was mentioned by many other gods and artifacts such as yogg-saron's enigma box and Shawl'atoh, Desecrated Image of Bloody Howl.

Whispers of Il'gynoth: N'Zoth… I travel… to Ny'alotha…
Yogg-Saron puzzle box: In the land of New York there is only sleep…
Yogg-Saron Puzzle Box: In the sleepy city of Ny'alotha they walk just crazy things.
Yogg-Saron Puzzle Box: Ny'alotha is a city of old, terrible, innumerable crimes…
Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Bloody Howl: You will rest in Ny'alotha.

After defeating Xavius and allegedly cleaning the Emerald Dream of corruption, there is evidence that N'Zoth may still have some influence on the rudder. In the depths of a cave in the Emerald Dream, there is a flower of emptiness, the Remain of Chaos. Ysera's spirit can be seen walking through the lagoon inside the Emerald Dream toward the cave, almost as if guiding players toward the cave, which is not easily seen if you don't know where it is.

The Remnant of the Void in the Emerald Dream.

The Shadow Priests with the Shawl'atath receive a special whisper from the dagger as they approach the flower, mentioning that the last prison has been weakened:

Xal'atath whispers: Almost completely disappeared, as if it had never existed. But the rift is deep and vast, and somewhere down there it stirs. Something's changed, the last prison weakens. We must prepare.

Xal'atath makes many references to N'Zoth during the Emerald Nightmare raid, implying that the being trapped there is N'Zoth and his influence is getting stronger once again.

N'Zoth in BFA

N'Zoth, although not mentioned directly, has a large presence during the trovamare valley mission line. Queen Azshara, one of N'Zoth's most notable followers, is directly responsible for capturing the Kul Tirena fleet, swinging the tides to her side. In the dungeon of the Storm Sanctuary, Lord Trovamare can be seen chatting with an image of Queen Azshara, talking about Kul Tirena's fleet. The corner of the storms is then directly corrupted by N'Zoth, turning into a K'Thir, one of N'Zoth's most powerful followers.

The Cauldron of Storms

During the mission to introduce the Cauldron of Storms raid, it is discovered that part of N'Zoth is actually within the raid. Players unwittingly help N'Zoth by bringing three relics of power to him, in addition to freeing Xal'atath from his dagger (Unexpected Consequences). When all three relics are brought to the raid, N'Zoth finally reveals himself.

The player is then "awarded" the Gift of N'Zoth, and now watches you. (Twist the knife)

After this encounter with N'Zoth, the player returns to Brother Pike or Queen Talanji to tell what happened. Pike and Talanji offer to help remove the player's gift, and they may choose to remove the gift or not. The cleaning of this grants the player the restless Eyeball toy, which provides a cosmetic version of the N'Zoth Gift for 1 hour (He only has eyes for you / He only has eyes for you).

However, the player can also choose to keep the present. While the present is active, players can see who also chose to keep it, as a small secret society. If the player abandons the missions He only has eyes for you / He only has eyes for you, the player can actually hear N'Zoth whispering to them, showing that the gift is no joke. Players who keep the present can constantly hear whispers in Shath'Yar, presumably coming from N'Zoth himself.

The Crucible of Storms is undoubtedly a test prepared by N'Zoth, with the first encounter with the boss, The Tireless Stunt, congratulates you on defeating them. Canonically, the Horde defeats N'Zoth's lieutenant Uu'nat, first, receiving the empty Blade of the Black Empire and handing it to Sylvanas, who sees a glimmer of hope for the Horde on the dark blade (The Black One).

Sylvanas Windhead: The Alliance believes that by overthrowing Rastakhan and decimating Zandalari's fleet, they have broken us. That the Horde will soon fall apart.
Sylvanas Windwinds: Fools. The boy king lied to himself and his people. He has no idea what he's really up against.
Sylvanas Windhead: War is a living thing. He writhes, grows, twists and spins until his final form is revealed.
Sylvanas Windhead: This war is about to change once again. And it will be this blade that will lead our way to victory.

The Alliance finally manages to defeat Uu'nat, being met with similar reactions from N'Zoth's minions, but instead finds an echo of the Blade of the Black Empire. In reporting the bad news to King Anduin, he correctly deduces that the Horde has managed to take over the Blade, which is now in the hands of Sylvanas (The Missing Blade).

Anduin Wrynn: When Sylvanas Correventos became warrior chief, I knew we wouldn't be friends… But I didn't want us to be enemies. Then came the massacre in Arathi… And the Teldrassil fire.
Anduin Wrynn: Of course she doesn't fight for Azeroth. She doesn't even fight for the Horde. She makes war against her own life.
Anduin Wrynn: We are so close to ending this conflict and forging a lasting peace. But if Sylvanas finds some new weapon that allows her to keep fighting…
Anduin Wrynn: No. We should find out what she's looking for… and stop any madness she wants to unleash on us.

Azshara's Ascension

Nazjatar's cinematic shows that Nathanos, who leads the Horde's remaining fleets across the seas, is being guided by the Blade of the Black Empire. When the sea opens beneath the Alliance and Horde fleets, Nathanos is the only one who shows no surprise, which means he probably knew what would happen and this is part of Sylvanas' plans.

Azshara can be seen interacting with a tentacle-shaped shadow, saying it would be released soon. While she mocks the shadow, talking about prison and impotence, the shadow is probably N'Zoth himself.

Also in Azshara's Ascension, during Magni's missions, it is discovered that the Emerald Dream is corrupted once again, with the Remnant of the Void taking root and growing into an ever-growing plant.

The Eternal Palace

In the fight against Azshara in the Eternal Palace raid, we fight Queen Azshara in the Circle of Stars, the prison of N'Zoth. During the fight, Azshara teases the players as all were taken there unintentionally by Magni in his attempts to heal Azeroth. In the fight, Azshara uses the powers of the Heart of Azeroth to weaken N'Zoth's prison.

Azshara: You see the truth now, don't you, heroes? Every move you made was according to my will.
Azshara: That anoman believed you could save Azeroth by empowering his bright little Heart. The gift of a sleeping titan.
Azshara: Yes, the heart of a titan was exactly what was needed. Not to heal the world… But to destroy the prison of a god.
Azshara: The ritual is almost complete. The Black Empire rises… And the world awaits its true queen.

When Azshara is finally defeated, the chains that keep N'Zoth trapped finally disappear, and we see N'Zoth freeing himself from his prison. When N'Zoth flees the Circle of Stars, he claims Azshara's body and, ominously, tells players that all eyes must open before disappearing.

Visions of N'Zoth

After N'Zoth's escape, Magni and Wrathion join forces to begin searching for N'Zoth's whereabouts. It is discovered that N'Zoth sent his servants to invade the Forge of Origin, inside the Halls of Origin at Uldum. N'Zoth is able to closely follow the player's footsteps, even teasing them as they travel to the Halls of Origin in order to regain the Forge.

N'Zoth's ability to see what the player is doing is also what causes an attack led by his forces on restored locations such as Valley of Eternal Flowers and mogu'shan galleries, while players search for the two allies in Pandaria and use the Nalak'sha Machine to repair the Forge of Origin. N'Zoth's influence in both areas is so great that he is able to attack players with Horrible Visions and change the aesthetics of an entire area.

Within the attacked areas, players can find portals leading to New York, the Awakening City. The Black Empire's home ground serves as the final raid of Battle for Azeroth, where players will face N'Zoth in a showdown over the fate not only of Azeroth, but of the universe itself.

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