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Hello how are you? I hope you're excited about the new expansion that's been constantly talked about on wow sites around the world. This article is a free translation of wowhead's article, Shadowlands Zones Overview.

Shadowlands initially dealt with six new zones, one of which is the main point of the expansion, another four zones related to leveling and the last as an exploration zone for players who reach the maximum level with their character.

Oribos, the eternal city

"All souls who arrive in the Dark Lands enter through Oribos, a crossroads where the dead are judged by the impassive Judge before being sent to their final destination. The inhabitants of Oribos exchange rumors and Anima, a substance that serves both currency and energy source."

Oribos, the eternal city is an ancient city located in the heart of the Dark Lands. Oribos is a mysterious city, being older than the Titans themselves and virtually every story you can remember, not knowing for sure who built this city.

Oribos serves as a Nexus connecting all the kingdoms of the Dark Lands, there is also a meeting point for visitors seeking resources such as rumors and Anima, and vendors of all kinds. In Shadowlands, Oribos will serve as the capital and the main meeting point for players.

All souls arriving in the Dark Lands enter through Oribos, where the dead are judged by the impassive Judge before being sent to their final destination.


"Those who have lived to serve are taken to the Bastion to perform the greatest task: to lead souls to the Dark Lands. Amid imposing towers and beautiful landscapes, challenges await to put to the test the determination of the intrepid Kyrians."

The Bastion is a resplendent area with elliptical views, crystal clear skies and untouched towers, ruled with order and purpose. This paradise kingdom is ruled by the Kyriano Covenant, unwavering beings who have the most powerful duties in the afterlife: To protect mortal souls as they walk to the Dark Lands. Beings like the noble healing angels in Azeroth are originally Kyrianos.

Souls who are dedicated to serving in life and who are considered noble enough by the Judge are sent to the Bastion to review their lives, purify themselves from their burdens, and embark on a journey toward a state of virtue, so that one day they may ascend as one in the ranks of the Kyrianos, the messengers of purity in the Dark Lands. A famous soul who was sent to the Bastion and is now working towards the ranks of the Kyrianos is that of the legendary Paladin, Uther.


In this war-torn kingdom, power, no matter which one, dictates what is right. Maldraxxus is the birthplace of necromantic magic, and whoever controls the powers of death turns legions of ambitious souls into ruthless armies of the undead.

Maldraxxus is a war-torn zone, with its inhabitants being equally shaped by eternal war. Ruled by the Necrolords Pact, Maldraxxus serves as the heart of the darklands military might and home to beings generally considered wicked, such as abominations and necromancers, although beings in Maldraxxus are not inherently evil – shaped only by the constant prospect of war and power.

The souls that are sent to Maldraxxus are those who have been ruthless and warring in life, souls who would never give in and would not shie away from any kind of conflict in life. Souls fighting for greatness in the means of war are well received by the Necrolords, and those considered powerful are quickly elevated to positions of power, and those considered weak are converted into fuel for the weapons of the Maldraxxus. Draka, Thrall's mother and an indomible warrior in life, quickly ascended to a position of power in Maldraxxus.

Maldraxxus' brutal selection process has created an unstable hierarchy with a vast militia, but this hierarchy is now in danger. The long-time leader of Maldraxxus has disappeared, five of the most powerful Necrolords now fighting for control of the pact and the function of spreading death throughout the cosmos.


"A vibrant afterlife for those who have a deep connection with nature, Adena is a place of eternal renewal protected by nocturnal mystics. Within the eternal forest, immense dream trees sorrel the precious ania — the essence of the soul — to feed the spirits of nature awaiting rebirth."

Adena is an enchanted and mysterious forest. Ruled by the Covenant of the Nocturnal Feérios, Adena is a kind of dark mirror of Azeroth's Emerald Dream – as the Emerald Dream represents the life cycle between spring and summer, Adena reflects autumn and winter, and a cycle of rest and hibernation.

Souls dedicated to nature are sent here by the Arbiter, where they are received by the Nocturnal Feérios, who recover the anima of mortal souls and infuse these sleeping spirits, rejuvenating and infending their lives with ancient spirits and knowledge, and preparing them to be reborn among the living. The demigod Cenarius, killed during The Third War, spent time in Adena rejuvenating himself before returning to Azeroth during the Cataclysm.

But all is not well in Adena. Adena is the area that suffers the most from the deprivation of anima thanks to the cycle of death having been broken, and the Winter Queen must go through the difficult decision of which souls and woods deserve the last drops of the precious anima and which souls are destined to disappear forever.


"Kingdom of Gothic villages and imposing fortresses, Revendreth is home to the Venthyr, the reapers of sin. The tormented souls who arrive here can finally atone for their deeds… or satiate the appetites of their guardians."

Revendreth is a land of dark secrets and Gothic spires, mostly smothered in darkness, although there are some places where light has managed to pass through the dark clouds and burned the earth. Ruled by the Venthyr Pact, Revendreth is not a place where souls generally expect to be sent.

The souls sent to Revendreth are those who were proud in life or have flaws that prevent them from being useful to other areas of the Shadowlands. These souls are taken to Revendreth to atone for their sins and prepare for redemption – through an unimaginable torment inflicted by venthyr. One of those souls who met in Revendreth is that of Kael'thas Sunstrider, who has to pay for his sins in life.

However, despite being aware of their role in taking souls out of their sins, the Venthyr are slowly succumbing to their own pride, leading to a leadership crisis among vampiric tormentors.

The Gorja

"Those who have lived to serve are taken to the Bastion to perform the greatest task: to lead souls to the Dark Lands. Amid imposing towers and beautiful landscapes, challenges await to put to the test the determination of the intrepid Kyrians."

The Gorja is a terrible tread vortex located in the northern area of the Dark Lands. Gorja is home to the most horrible and vile souls who have entered the Dark Lands, who have been deemed irredeemable by the Judge. Souls that would only cause trouble if they were sent to any other kingdom in the Dark Lands. Ruled by the enigmatic jailer, an ancient being who has never been seen by anyone, The Gorja inspires legends and nightmares even among the inhabitants of the Dark Lands. No one has ever escaped gorja, and no one who has begun to exploit it has returned.

Around the legion's third invasion of Azeroth, however, something broke the cycle of death – Souls are now sent directly to the bonnet for an eternity of torment, rather than passing through Oribos and properly judged by the judge. This caused a major power shift in the Dark Lands, causing the gorja to become larger and more powerful, while other kingdoms suffer due to the deprivation of the anima. Sylvanas, the fallen leader of the Horde, has been working with the Jailer for a long time on a mission to inflict as many deaths as possible. With each soul sent to the cap, she and the jailer become more powerful.

Upon arrival in the Dark Lands, players will be sent directly to the cap, but will be saved thanks to their innate connection to Azeroth. They will be able to escape the gorja and explore the Dark Lands, although they have to return later, as some of their allies will be left behind, suffering in the cap.

Gorja will serve as a maximum level zone in Shadowlands, designed for open world exploration. To reflect the feeling of desolate environment, there will be no rest points, inns or similar areas where players would normally be able to stop or catch their breath.

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