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The pre-patch of each expansion is the moment that all players will be able to feel in full the changes in their classes and in the systems of the game, that is, the player has access to almost all the news related to expansion that are to come, In this article you will have a summary of everything that will be available in the pre-patch of Shadowlands.

During the shadowlands pre-patch you won't be able to do missions in the new level 50 ~60 zones, select a pact or acquire legendary and anima, but you'll still have access to things like:

  • In the pre-patch we will have a huge amount of change in the classes, various skills will return to the game, we will have changes in AoE skills and some important updates in specializations such as the shadow priest;
  • In the Shadowlands pre-patch, the corruption system introduced in patch 8.3 will be removed;
  • Players will have a reduction in the level of the characters. There will be a level squish that will put all level 120 characters at level 50;
  • The inheritance system will have the experience bonus removed;
  • A new introductory zone called "Exile's Reach" will be added from level 1 ~ 10 and after level 10 a new simplified and completely revamped leveling system is presented to the player, called "Chromie Time". In this system the player will be able to choose which zone to upar based on the expansion;
  • In shadowlands Blizzard brings a mentoring system so far called the "Newcomer Mentor System" that allows veteran players to daren friendly advice to new players;
  • Crafted items from previous expansions may have their item level increased or decreased through reliquias, so they will be useful during leveling;
  • Hunters will have more stable space and several new options for domable pets such as alpacas, elekks, ponies and cloud snakes;
  • Unlocking allied races is much easier in pre-patching, as reputation requirements are removed;
  • Most races have received dozens of new character customization options;
  • The barbershop has also received many customization updates, including the option to change its gender and modify its druid forms;
  • New interface options include support for Ray Tracing and more accessibility controls will be added; And
  • Mounts that are horses will be able to fly.

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