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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the first guide article of shadowlands castle nathria raid guide, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead! The original guide can be accessed at Castle Nathria Shadowlands Raid Overview.

Release Date

The release date expected for the release initially delayed due to the late release of Shadowlands. The official release date is 12/08/2020 (NA) and 09/12/2020 (EU). This raid will follow the same pattern as the previous ones, being available in phases, being:

  • 08/09 December: Normal and Heroic Difficulties;
  • 15/16 December: Mythical Difficulties and Raid Finder (Ward 1);
  • 05/06 January: Raid Finder (Ward 2);
  • 19/20 January: Raid Finder (Ward 3);
  • February 3/2: Raid Finder (Ward 4).

How to get to Nathria Castle raid?

Nathria Castle is a Gothic-style raid located above Revendreth. The entrance to the raid is located in the central area of Revendreth.

The fastest way to get there is through the flight point located in Revendreth (52.5, 26.6). And the entrance is in Revendreth (44.7, 41.5).

Nathria Castle – Location (Source: Reproduction)

Chiefs and Wards

Ward 1 – Blood of the Stone

Tasked with protecting the entrance to Nathria Castle, blind monster Guinchasa locates his victims through gruesome screams, which reverberate on the walls of the chamber. The last sound heard by intruders in the Great Senda is the hideous towed of the creature throwing itself at them.

Punholodo was born on the muddy foundations of Nathria Castle and now wanders through the halls, ready for sir Denathrius' orders. The heavy steps reverberate through the castle, announcing his arrival from several quarters away.

General Kaal

Generals of the Stone Legion (General Kaal and General Grashaal)

Kaal and Grashaal, the ancestral Litholate generals, pursued Prince Renathal's rebellion from the beginning. Once General Draven's apprentice and mentor, the two now use strength, strategy, and soldiers against him and against anyone who defies Denathrius' will.

Ward 2 – The Sorvedouras Chambers

Sir Denathrius likes to take part in hunts, and Altimor takes care that the master always has the most powerful beasts at his disposal when he decides to have fun. Margore, Barghast and Hecutis are the most trained beasts that ever existed, and are always ready and cast the wrath of the Game-Ranger against anyone in their domain.

Devourers consume anima and are always looking for more animic sources to consume. With the drought raving about the Dark Lands, it's no surprise that the hungriest and most dangerous have found the abundant reserve of anima in the depths of Nathria Castle.

The anima is the fuel of the Dark Lands, and Lady Verva Venumbra's goal is to unravel its mysteries. Under Denathrius' guidance, she discovered dangerous secrets to use against the Sir's enemies. The goal is to drain all the anima from the Nathria invaders to shape a bleak future.

Ward 3 – Reliquary of Opulence

Not everyone is loyal to Sir Denathrius at Nathria Castle. Many simply saw an opportunity and used it to their advantage. The Xy'mox Artisan worked with Denathrius, but his main concern is to get the best part of the deal, which may require the extinction of the Nathria invaders.


Salvation of the Sun King (Kael'thas Andassol)

In the most sinister corners of Nathria Castle, souls are tortured, not for their sins to be redeemed, but to amplify them. The proud Prince Kael'thas has received the sins of others, and his pain and hatred are being channeled into a powerful weapon. The prince's soul is more at risk than any other and needs to be saved, at least so that it cannot be used against the Dark Lands.

The Blood Council is responsible for the palatial functions in Revendreth. The Niklaus Castle is a stern military commander, with unrelenting will and impenetrable armor. Lord Stavros, an affected dandy, is the master of court dances and lethal blades. Baroness Frieda gentlees powerful animic spells and commands the troop of dragarçons… besides having the respect of all in court.

Ward 4 – Audience with arrogance

For untold eras, Sir Denathrius was one of the Eternals who rule the kingdoms of Death. Only, in the darkest moment of the Dark Lands, he betrayed his sacred duty. With the bloodthirsty living blade Remornia on the side and protected by the most fanatical followers, Denathrius will destroy anyone who faces him and throw the remains to gorja's inescapable terror.

Item Level

Difficulty First 8 bosses Last 2 bosses
Raid Finder 187 194
Normal 200 207
Heroic 213 220
Mitico 226 233


Title Conquest Description
Endof Sins, Name Mythic: Sir Denathrius Defeat Sir Denathrius at Nathria Castle in Mythic mode.
Name, Renowned Matador de Denathrius

Hall of Fame: Sir Denathrius (Horde)

Hall of Fame: Sir Denathrius (Alliance)

Among the first hundred Alliance/Horde guilds in the world to defeat Sir Denathrius in Mythic mode.

Interesting items

Item Description Booty
Portable Pocket Dimension
32-slot bag Artisan Xy'Mox
Patuá of eternal winter
e:Bewitch the mind of a Beast in the outer environments of the Dark Lands. If you are affected, the target will help you for 5 minutes.(1h of Cooldown)
Hunting guard Altimor
Precisely Calibrated Stopwatch
Usage: Allows you to access the current time of the location in the world. Using /time in chat. Artisan Xy'Mox
Sir Denathrius' Mui Régio Siete
Equipped: Reduces the rate at which you are afflicted by the Eye of the Jailer in Gorja. Sir Denathrius


Nathria Castle brings a series of conquests in the raid. The achievements below do not offer mounts, but after the launch of a new raid (after Nithria Castle) they will be impossible to acquire, as they are memorable feats. They are: Above normal: Sir Denathrius and Vanguard: Sir Denathrius.

Another relevant too is the Glory of the Adventurer of Nathria that gives you access to the Stridor mount of the Wall.

I hope you enjoyed it, in the next articles we will talk about the fights and how to survive each of the 12 bosses. I'll see you there! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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