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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the second article in the Eternal Palace raid guide, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead, which can be accessed by Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Overview. So that it does not get a very extensive article, I separated this guide into parts according to the individuality of each.

This guide is now available for all lfr to mythical difficulties. To view unique heroic mode tips, click here. Or if you want to view unique tips from the mythic mode, click here.

Quick Guide

Master of both martial arts and magic, Commander Abyssal Sivara led azshara's vanguard to countless victories.

Territory: Contested
Dungeon type:
Life: 28,322,452
Added in patch:

Heads and Fight Guides

This guide provides tips and strategies for defeating Chief Abyssal Commander Sivara in Normal Difficulty in the Eternal Palace. Changes in the fight for other difficulties are listed below in their respective sections, including tips and strategies for dealing with the new mechanics introduced in these difficulties.

The Abyssal Commander Sivara is a single-stage encounter that requires the raid to avoid certain abilities, depending on the marks given at the beginning of the fight. Attention and rapid reaction of the players are needed to defeat the Abyssal Commander Sivara!

Commander Abyssal Sivara is the first head of the Eternal Palace. After defeating Abyssal Commander Sivara, players can choose between Blackwater Behemoth and Radiance from Azshara encounters.


The loot level in Normal starts at 415, the heroic loot is 430, and the mythical is 445.

ast: (Item #168273)
1H Machado (St
r): (Item # 168901)
1H Apple (Int
): (Item #168903)
1H Dagger (Agi): (Item # 168818)
1H Handle Gun (Agi):
(Item # 168276)
2H Polearm (Agi): (Item # 168306)
Secondary Weapon: (Item # 168477)

c: (Item # 168341)
her: (Item #168345)
h: (Item #168359)
Plate: (Item # 168361)

Int DP
S: (Item #168905)

Quick Tips

  • The raid must be divided into two, each half of which must be on a different side of the boss: (Spell #294711) on the left, (Spell #294715) on the right;
  • Avoid contacting mechanics that deal damage of the opposite type of your Brand (mentioned in the topic above);
  • If you have too many accumulations of a tag, mix the two debuffs you will apply (Spell #294847) to reset your rollups;
  • Join the tank by matching your Brand to help split the damage of (Spell #295332);
  • Move away from your group when you are hit with (Spell #295346);
  • Move to the boss's side that match your Mark when it casts (Spell #295138);
  • Stay at a distance of 4 yards when (Spell #295791) is released.Be sure to move to the side assigned to you if your Brand is reversed!
  • Tanks must ensure that they move away from the group to put the debuff (Spell #300701) / (Spell #300705) in an ideal location.

Skills & Strategies

(Spell #294726)

At the beginning of the meeting, Sivara will cover the entire raid with one of two marks.

  • These marks are spread evenly throughout the raid, with one tank, half of the healers and half of the DPSs they receive (Spell #294711) and the other half of the raid receiving the (Spell #294715);
  • Both debuffs are permanent and can accumulate if players are hit by certain spells. These debuffs deal damage over time and have an additional one that is unique to each individual debuff;
  • (Spell #294715) reduces the amount of healing a player receives by 5% per accumulation;
  • (Spell #294711) reduces players' movement speed by 5% per accumulation.

If a player contacts another player who has an opposite Mark, they will trigger one (Spell #294847).

The raid should avoid triggering (Spell #294847) as much as possible.

  • The raid must be divided into two groups as soon as the marks are applied at the beginning of the match, with all players (Spell #294711) moving to the left side of the boss and all players (Spell #294715) moving to the right;
  • Note that players have a brief period when they will not trigger (Spell #294847) when entering a player with the opponent's mark at the beginning of the fight.

Divide the attack in half with (Spell #294711) on the left and (Spell #294715) on the right!

(Spell #295346)

Throughout the fight, the boss will cause up to 4 random players without (Spell #294726) to (Spell #295346).

  • (Spell #295348) or (Spell #295421) is a 7-second debuff that explodes at expiration, dealing high damage divided between all players within a 5 m radius;
  • Players marked by this ability must pass to the sides of the raid team before their debuff expires, as they will leave one (Spell #295807) / (Spell #300962) when the debuff expires;
  • These areas deal damage and apply other buildups of (Spell #294711) / (Spell #294715) every second to anyone inside it;
  • In normal difficulty, the player should not need anyone else to help split the damage from the debuff expiration, as long as they are healthy before the explosion occurs;
  • The more areas can be put away from the group, the better. This will give the next (Spell #295346) additional space to put their debuffs later in the fight;
  • Ideally, areas are not placed behind the raid group, as players can be thrown back into a pool when (Spell #295332) is castrated.

Get away from the group when you're targeted (Spell #295346)!

(Spell #295332)

The boss will hit the tank that is with the boss's aggro, causing a large burst of physical damage divided between the tank and all players within a 5 m radius.

  • Half of the raid that matches the tank's brand must ensure that they are together on it as soon as possible, so as to help spread the damage so they can survive;
  • This ability will also cause all players in the raid to fall back, regardless of whether they are hit by the harmful aspect of the ability or not;
  • All players should be careful what is around them to make sure they will not be played in an area left by (Spell #295346).

(Spell #300698)

Sivara will apply accumulations of (Spell #300701) and (Spell #300705) to the tank through its melee attacks. The applied debuff will always match the Mark the target has.

  • Both debuffs deal damage for more than 10 seconds. When the debuff expires, it will leave an area of (Spell #295807) / (Spell #300962) at the tanks location;
  • The more accumulations the tank has from the debuff, the larger the area left on the ground;
  • Tanks should cause each other in about 4-6 buildups, so as to keep the damage to the tank low and the size of the area to a minimum;
  • Tanks should be aware that their debuff may drop while they are tanking the boss, especially during periods when the boss throws various skills;
  • When the debuff expires, the tank must move away from the group to ensure that the area (Spell #295807) / (Spell #300962) is in an ideal location.

(Spell #295138)

The boss generates energy passively over time.Upon reaching 100 energy, it will cast (Spell #295138).

  • This will create a volley around it, on one side they will be (Spell #295704), the other side will be poisoned arrows;
  • These volleys will fire through the space of the fight, leaving your side in a staggered fashion;
  • Anyone struck by lightning will experience an ice or nature blast and receive a buildup of (Spell #294711) or (Spell #294715);
  • Players should avoid being hit by the arrows of the opposite element type positioned next to the boss that corresponds to their Chimeric Mark;
  • Players should still try to avoid most arrows, either just hit by a single arrow or by moving into the path of an arrow that has already been triggered;
  • Healers must be prepared to use a cooldown or two to cover the damage that the raid can deal, as multiple players can trigger one (Spell #294847).

Avoid being hit by skills that don't match your Brand!

(Spell #295601)

The boss will cast several (Spell #295601) one after the other. These will target a random player other than tank with one (Spell #295704) or one (Spell #295705) .

  • The chosen arrow is always the one that is of the opposite type of its Chimeric Mark;
  • When the cast ends, the boss sends a projectile to the target player. The first target will hit an ice or nature blast and be immobilized on the ground, stunning it until a player interacts with the arrow to remove it;
  • Ideally, a player shot with an arrow will have a player of the opposite chimeric mark nearby to absorb the arrow, as this will prevent one (Spell #294847) from happening;
  • This is done when the target player moves into the space between the two groups, while a player from the other group also moves to intercept the projectile;
  • After a player has absorbed an arrow, another attack member must quickly pass through them and remove the arrow to allow the player to return to the encounter;
  • An alternative strategy is just to let the stinger reach whoever is closest to the boss of your group and remove quickly. This will trigger a single (Spell #294847) per arrow, but this should be easily fought by healers.

You can see where the projectile will fly by looking at the arrow near the boss!

(Spell #295791)

At a certain time, Sivara will trade about 30% of the raid with (Spell #294726) for the opposite type.

  • Target players will also win (Spell #300957), rooting them for 4 seconds.After these 4 seconds, they will apply their new Chimeric Mark to anyone within a 4 m radius;
  • Players must spread over a distance of 4 yards before this ability is cast, as it reduces the chance of players gaining more accumulations of (Spell #300957);
  • After the (Spell #300957) is over, players who have had theirs (Spell #294726) changed must move on to the group that matches their new tag;
  • The rest of the raid should make a way for these players to move in order to ensure that players with the new marks do not activate one (Spell #294847) through a player collision.

[title_block title=”Redefinindo Acúmulos de marcas quiméricas”]

Depending on the duration of the fight, which is largely unknown due to limited PTR testing, it is unclear whether or not players will need to deliberately restart their Chimeric Brand buildups during the fight.

  • If the fight is short enough that players have no more than 6-7 stacks, then players should not deliberately go out of their way to trigger one (Spell #294847) to reset their stacks;
  • Instead, healers need to be prepared to use healing cooldowns at the end of the fight, where the damage in the raid is greatest;
  • This should be done in a staggered manner, such as spreading the damage (Spell #294847) throughout the encounter, rather than having the entire raid reset at any time;
  • This can be done naturally by setting a rule: When you are above 5-6 rollups, reset your mark by being hit by one (Spell #295138), or stop at one (Spell #295346) of the opponent type;
  • Alternatively, players may want to set an accumulation point at which Icy and toxic Marks players can find themselves to reset stacks of two players without taking any additional damage.

We personally believe that, as this is the first boss, it is likely that the raid will not have to deliberately restart the accumulations of Chimeric Mark, as long as the damage is sufficient.

  • That said, anyone who happens to gain a large amount of stacks, as a result of being hit by skills, may want to redefine their own stacks if they reach an unsustainable level for healers.

The strategy suggested above is mainly based on the group killing the boss before he gets little room in the areas of (Spell #295807) / (Spell #300962).

  • The boss should be tankado in the middle of the room with the raid on both sides is very clear and easy to follow the strategy that is ideal, as long as you do not run out of space;
  • In the event that this boss becomes a decent challenge for attack teams, they may want to use a strategy that uses the lounge space more efficiently.

In the tie, the tanks must drag the boss to the right side of the meeting room, leaving a space of about 5-10 yards from the wall.

  • Players who must leave the areas (Spell #295807) / (Spell #300962), (Spell #295346) or the tank debuff simply move toward the wall to release it.
  • As areas are placed during the encounter, tanks will need to move slowly 5 to 10 meters ahead of them, leaving enough room to dodge the ability (Spell #295138), regardless of where they are castated.
  • As long as players continue to place the areas next to each other on the right side of the room, they will never be placed in a way that causes interruptions in movement.

Following this strategy will allow the group to slowly fill the room in a very efficient manner, eliminating the chance of a situation where players do not have a place to leave their pools in an ideal area.

  • Eventually, the raid will run out of space, but it will probably take much longer than the strategy suggested above.

Heroic Mode

(Spell #294726)

(Spell #294711) and (Spell #294715) have a unique additional effect that guarantee players an extra resource bar.

(Spell #294711) has (Spell #295795).This bar will slowly fill with time while players are still, and will quickly run out when players move.

(Spell #294715) has (Spell #295796).This bar will fill up quickly when players move and will slowly run out when players are stuck.

  • If the bar (Spell #295796) chears to 100%, the player becomes (Spell #295850) – disorienting them for 8 seconds and restarting the bar back by 0%;
  • Players with this debuff need to limit their movement as much as possible, only moving when absolutely necessary;
  • This is mostly problematic when it comes to (Spell #295346), as players with (Spell #295346) may need to move over long distances to drop (Spell #300962) in the right locations.
  • If the group is constantly struggling to place these areas while avoiding the debuff (Spell #295850), then the Alternative Strategy listed above may be ideal as it limits raid movements to shorter distances.

Don't let this bar get to 100%

(Spell #295346)

(Spell #295346) does much more damage on heroic difficulty. Because of this, players must always have at least 1 additional player to help split the damage of the ability to ensure that players with (Spell #295346) survive.

  • This will lead to a larger amount of the raid receiving extra accumulations of (Spell #294726) compared to normal mode;
  • Players with many buildups will need to reset the (Spell #294847) to compensate for the largest number of stacks received.

(Spell #295791)

(Spell #295791) converts all (Spell #295807) into areas of (Spell #300962), and vice versa.

  • It doesn't really matter that much.Players do not need to stack pools on top of each other through space.
  • Players just need to be aware that there will be pools that do not match their Chimeric Brand type on the side they are in.

One strategy suggested by some is to have all uninverted players switch sides around the boss so as to keep the area and the types of brands combined on a single side.

  • Personally, we feel that this is unnecessary and disturbing. Instead, players can use this new mechanical shift as an easy way to redefine high-mark accumulations without having to travel long distances.

Mythic Mode

In addition to numerical changes, in which the boss has additional life and his abilities deal more damage, the boss has a mechanical change in mythical difficulty.

  • In general, raid placement and the overall strategy used do not differ much from the heroic version of the encounter, in addition to some notable changes listed below.

(Spell #294726)

The boss will apply 1 accumulation of (Spell #294726) to all players every 25 seconds during the fight.

To achieve this safely, the build-ups must be reset in a staggered manner throughout the fight, with players individually looking to reset their marks around the 4-5 mark.

  • Players need to make sure they don't trigger one (Spell #294847) during high damage points, as multiple (Spell #294847) in combination with other mechanics can lead to a wipe.
  • A single player must dictate who should reset their buildups by making sure that the damage taken by the raid is low and constant.

(Spell #295346)

Because this ability deals far more damage than heroic difficulty, an affected player with (Spell #295346) must have at least 2 other players with them to split the spell damage.

  • With that said, ideally 3-4 players would help split this damage to ensure the survival of the target player.
  • Players with very large immunities or damage reductions must use these spells to solarem (Spell #295346).
  • Players who absorb the damage (Spell #295346) will receive a large amount of stacks (Spell #294726).They should be prepared to reset their batteries if they exceed the 4-5 mark on the battery.

Composition of the Raid

Although the boss has a short enrage of 6 minutes, most guilds choose to use 5 healers for this fight.

  • This is because the boss must die if most of the 13 DPS remain alive, which is much more possible with 5 healers.
  • Additional healers can also help the raid survive through larger amounts of brand reset simultaneously, as more healing cooldowns are available.

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