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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the third article in the Eternal Palace raid guide, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead, which can be accessed by Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Overview. So that it does not get a very extensive article, I separated this guide into parts according to the individuality of each.

This guide is now available for all lfr to mythical difficulties. To view unique heroic mode tips, click here. Or if you want to view unique tips from the mythic mode, click here.

Quick Guide

Conjured from the depths, the Beemote of Aguanegra inhabits an abyss so black that even the nagas are afraid to venture there. Only Azshara was able to samity the creature, which she herself trained to loyally guard her treasures.

Territory: Contested
Dungeon type
: Raid
Added in patch:

Heads and Fight Guides

This guide provides tips and strategies for defeating Aguanegra's beemote boss in Normal Difficulty in the Eternal Palace. Changes in the fight for other difficulties are listed below in their respective sections, including tips and strategies for dealing with the new mechanics introduced in these difficulties.

Beemote de Aguanegra is the second/third head of the Eternal Palace. After defeating him and defeating the Light of Azshara, players will be able to face Lady Grimpagris.

Quick Tips

Oxygen-Rich Membrane

Before you enter the water and before the fight begins, all players must interact with the Oxygen Rich Membrane that can be found in various places along the way toward the boss.

  • This will give you a permanent underwater breathing bonus and increased swimming speed by 100%.
  • Players without this buff will inevitably die from drowning, or at least struggle to deal with boss skills due to their low movement speed.

Click on the Oxygen-Rich Membrane before the fight begins!

Skills & Strategies

Dark Depths and Bioluminescence

While within the fight space, all players will be afflicted with Dark Depths.

  • This debuff reduces all incoming cures by 100% and is permanent;
  • Shield spells still work normally and completely ignore the healing reduction debuff;
  • The Dark Depths buff can only be removed by gaining Bioluminescence.

On each platform where players fight the boss, two adds of the Glossy Puffer can be found.

  • These adds have no skills and do not attack players in any way;
  • When a pufferfish is killed, it will generate a large Bioluminescent Cloud that lasts 20 seconds;
  • Moving to the cloud, players will receive the Bioluminescence bonus for 45 seconds, an 8% increase in attack speed, which only falls when a different tank is hit.

Go to the Bioluminescent Cloud to remove the Dark Depths debuff.

Players must kill a single Glossy Puffer at the beginning of each platform to earn the Bioluminescence bonus as quickly as possible.

  • The second pufferfish must be killed 40-45 seconds later, to allow the attack to recover its Bioluminescence buff;
  • The boss will leave a platform after 1 min 30 seconds, which means that 2 Bioluminescence buffs on opposite sides of the platform to each other are enough to keep the raid healing at all times;
  • The Bioluminescent Cloud will disappear after 20 seconds, so killing a single pufferfish at a time is vital to keeping Bioluminescence active in the raid.

Tanks should avoid winning the Bioluminescence buff of the Bioluminescent Cloud, otherwise the boss can hit a random player other than tanker, probably killing them.

  • The boss will also throw an ability if there is no player in hand-to-hand combat, dealing heavy damage in raid;
  • Instead, tanks gain Bioluminescence from radiant biomass debuff applied through the boss's melee blows;
  • This 15-second debuff deals moderate damage in nature and applies the Bioluminescence buff;
  • Tanks should change the target every 15 seconds to ensure that both can receive healing;
  • This also acts as a way to readjust the mechanics of the other tank, Predatory Frenzy, which grants the boss an 8% increase in attack speed, which only falls when a different tank is hit.

Eyes of the Deep

Any player with Bioluminescence that is not above a platform will be marked with Eyes of the Depths for 5 seconds.

Stay out of open water when you have Bioluminescence!

Toxic Thorn

The chief will apply Toxic Thorn to approximately one third of the raid after a certain time.

  • This debuff deals a small amount of damage over the course of 12 seconds;
  • This ability is present in the fight to ensure that players actually receive the Bioluminescence bonus, as they will need a little attention from healers to heal the damage.

Shock Pulse

After a while, Shock Pulse will be released. This pushes and then pulls players back along the cast, causing a large burst of damage to the entire raid.

  • This damage falls with the distance. Players must ensure that they are about 25-35 yards away from the boss to keep the damage at reasonable levels;
  • Players also need to make sure they are not pushed off the platform and into open water, otherwise they will become targets for the Deep Eyes mechanic;
  • There is a small window of time after the Shock Pulse cast ends, where the boss will not launch the electrical discharge, giving the tanks time to swim back to the boss.

Bioelectric Antennas

Every 4 seconds, the boss checks the raid to determine if any player is within 5 meters of each other.

  • If the boss encounters any players within 5 m radius of each other, each player will experience a moderate burst of nature damage;
  • This damage does not increase according to the amount of players hit (for example: If 10 players are in play, all will receive 44k of damage, the same as if there were only 2 players together);
  • Players should avoid stacking as much as possible. This is easily done if players take the initiative to swim above or below their allies, to help spread while staying on the platform;
  • This ability is active while players collect the Bioluminescence buff from the Bioluminescent Cloud.Players should just pick up the buff as quickly as possible and then spread to minimize the amount of damage they take via Bioelectric Antennas.

Spread with 5+ yards away to avoid Bioelectric Antennas!


The boss will remain on a platform for 1 minute and 30 seconds while gaining passive energy. With 100% energy, the boss will go to another platform in the space of the fight.

  • Upon reaching his destination, the boss will begin to launch cavitation. This cast lasts 32 seconds and should be stopped. It will deal very high damage to the raid every 2 seconds after completion;
  • The raid must reach the boss and interrupt him before the Cavitation cast has a chance to complete;
  • During this cast, the boss will not check the raid to use Bioelectric Antennas.

As the boss retreats, the Tourbillon appears on the back of the platform.

  • Moving to a Tourbillon guarantees the player greater movement speed.In normal mode this also removes your Bioluminescence buff;
  • This is critical, as players cannot swim to the next platform with the Bioluminescence buff, as they will be in open water that will trigger Eyes from the Depths;
  • While the Tourbillon buff is active, players will automatically swim forward.

Whirlwind gives a big increase in swimming speed!

Along the journey towards the next platform, several Aguanegra Jellyfish will be floating on site.

  • Moving towards jellyfish applies a dot of 8 seconds. In greater difficulties this also applies to Bioluminescence .
  • Players should avoid these jellyfish to minimize the amount of damage they take along the route, as they cannot be healed during this time.

Players must wait for the entire raid to reach the new platform before interrupting the boss, unless Cavitation is about to finish the cast.

  • At this point the fight is repeated, with 2 new puffers that the raid needs to kill with 45 seconds to each other to maintain the bioluminescence buff;
  • The only difference between platforms is that the second and third platforms have multiple failures. Swimming above these gaps counts as open water;
  • Players need to ensure that they stay time above these gaps to a minimum in order to prevent the Eyes of the Depths from occurring.

There are a total of three platforms in the fight. When the boss reaches the last platform, he will not be moved to the new platform.

  • Players must kill the boss before running out of Bioluminescence sources to remain curable.

Heroic Mode


The Tourbillon does not remove the Bioluminescence buff from the players entering it.

  • Instead, players should wait for their Bioluminescence bonus to end before traveling to the next platform to chase the boss.
  • When you kill the Glossy Pufferfish at the beginning of each platform and again 45 seconds later, the Bioluminescence bonus will expire shortly after the boss moves to another platform.

Aguanegra Jellyfish

The glowing sting damage received when coming into contact with a jellyfish applies to Bioluminescence.

  • This will trigger Eyes of the Deep – instantly killing the player 5 seconds later.
  • Players need to be extra careful not to touch any jellyfish when traveling from platform to platform.

Mythic Mode

Piercing Thorn

On a stopwatch, the boss will target a non-tank random player and mark them with lightning.

  • 6 seconds later, that player will have lethal damage divided between all players within the target radius.
  • The attack must have multiple players in the radius to help split the damage, preferably with a minimum of 5-6 players.
  • Players should try to spread along the length of the beams, rather than being grouped inside it, otherwise they will receive damage from bioelectric antennas.
  • The marked player must generate as much distance as possible between them and the boss to give the rest of the attack that space to spread.
  • One rule that can help you absorb this ability is: Distance players help immerse a player's beams at a distance and help melee absorb beams directed to melee combat.
  • Players on the later platforms must be careful not to stay in "open water" while embeiting a Piercing Thorn, as they will be marked and shot if they stay there for too long.

This ability can be denied through immunities such as Turtle Aspect, Shadow Mantle, Ice Block ect, however, all players within the radius will still take damage.

  • Players with immunity abilities must do so while all other players come out of the beam to avoid unnecessary and lethal damage.
  • This ability cannot be denied through "disappear" spells such as Vanish, Feign Death, and Invisibility, as this causes the cast to be complete instantly, dealing damage to anyone within the radius.

Dive into the Piercing Thorn as it spreads 5 meters from each other!

Bioelectric Antennas

In addition to the addition of The Piercing Thorn, there are no additional mechanics added to the encounter.Things just give a lot more now.

  • This is notable when it comes to the damage of bioelectric antennas, as triggering this damage can leave your healers behind massively.
  • We recommend that you avoid triggering this damage as much as possible, especially when the group will collect your Bioluminescence buff from the Bioluminescent Cloud generated from the corpse of a Glossy Pufferfish.
  • Players should try to stay spread through the process of gaining Bioluminescence by entering from different angles and heights, as well as entering at different times before spreading very quickly afterwards.
  • We personally do not think it is necessary to designate groups of players to enter at different times, instead each individual should make their own judgment to know whether or not it is safe to pick up the Bioluminescence bonus at that time.
  • Some damage from Bioelectric Antennas will inevitably trigger during this buff gain point, this time making it the best point for large healing cooldowns and damage reduction.
  • Nothing else should change in relation to this process compared to the smallest difficulties: take your Bioluminescence buff at the beginning and in the middle of each phase of the platform.

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