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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the second article in the Ny'alotha raid guide, the Bfa Awakening City, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead and focuses on the Wration boss! The original guide can be accessed Ny'alotha Raid Strategy Guides For All Bosses by FatbossTV – Now Live!

This guide is now available for all lfr to mythical difficulties. To view unique heroic mode tips, click here. Or if you want to view unique tips from the mythic mode, click here.

Quick Guide

Despite all the precautions, Wrathion could not resist the madness that dominated his father. With the perverted mind of N'Zoth, he believes that the only way to defend Azeroth is to rule it in the name of the Ancient God. Leaving behind the prince's robe, Wrathion now takes his rightover place as Black Emperor.

Rating: Elite
Requires level: 120
Territory: Contested
Dungeon type:
Raid Wing: 1 – Visions of Destiny
Number of playe
rs: 10/30
Zone I
D: 10522
Added in patch:

General Information About Fighting

In the fight against Wrathion, the Black Emperor will have a two-stage meeting. During phase one, the group fights Wrathion directly, dealing with his simple and dangerous "dragon mechanics". During phase two, the group must destroy the Starlant Fragment as soon as possible to safely survive the next phase one.

Wrathion, the Black Emperor is the first chief of New York. After defeating Wrathion, players can choose between Maut and The Prophet Skitra.


The loot level of this boss is:

RaidFinder Normal Heroic Mythical
430 460 460 475


Armor Weapons Rings and Trines Azerite Items
Scale Gloves
ets in Ebony Scales
mbraços Dragon Bone
mbued Shorts in Onyx
Faralos, Empire's Dream – This weapon always comes with the Searing Flames effect, which increases your character's corruption by 30
The Destroyer's Dark Bl
Mish'un, Blade of Tyrants
Buzz in Black Dragon Bed

Quick Tips

Phase One

  • Place the boss aside for the raid, so tail swipe and searing breath don't hit them;
  • Tanks should take a turn taking the Searing Breath, changing the aggro every 2-3 stacks of Searing Armor;
  • When affected by incineration, stay away from the raid by at least 20 to 30 yards before it expires;
  • Get away from the boss's 30 yards and spread over 5 yards from your allies when Gale Blast is thrown;
  • Find the safe spot on the opposite side of the room for the boss when he launches burning cataclysm.

Phase Two

  • Have three players with good mobility absorb wrathion scales. They must then go through the Crackling Shard to destroy them;
  • All other players must attack all remaining Crackling Shards;
  • Reveal assassins through AOE/Invisibility removal abilities and then kill them. (Heroic+only).

Skills & Strategies

Phase 1

Scorching breath

Approximately every 8 seconds, Wrathion releases a large sigh into a cone in the direction of the tank, dealing an explosion of fire damage and applying Calcinante Armor to all players hit.

  • Calcinante Armor deals little damage over time, increasing by 80% the damage you take from the next scorching Breath for 20 seconds.
  • A single tank must face the boss facing the raid, to ensure that no one is struck by the breath beyond themselves.
  • Tanks must change the aggro constantly, always maintaining the same direction as the boss while the debuff ends. This usually occurs after every 2 searing breath casts.
  • Wrathion will only cast Tail Swipe as a reaction to players who are directly behind him.
  • Players should avoid getting directly behind the boss at any time, instead they should all be on one side of the boss.
  • Avoid spreading across both sides of the boss, as healers may have difficulty maintaining the reach of their healing.

(Spell #306111)

Every 30-60 seconds, Wrathion applies multiple debuffs (Spell #306111) to the raid simultaneously.

  • These 8s debuffs deal moderate damage over time and explode at expiration, dealing a lot of damage in the raid.
  • Players affected by (Spell #306111) must attempt to depart at least 25 yards from all other players in order to reduce to a minimum the damage taken.
  • The amount of debuffs applied to the raid is escalated to the size of the raid. Healers and all DPSs can be targets of this ability.
Incineration Example

Stay away from your allies when you have (Spell #306111)!

(Spell #306289)

Wrathion channels (Spell #306289) for 4 seconds, creating a 30-yard zone around you.

  • At the end of the cast, all players in the zone take great damage and are repelled.
  • Players outside the zone receive a moderate amount of fire damage.
  • Immediately after, the location below several players will be marked and hit with a fireball moments later, causing a major burst of fire damage.
  • Once (Spell #306289) is released, all players must move away 30 yards from the boss, moving away from each other to avoid the fireballs after the ability ends.

Get away from the boss when (Spell #306289) is cast!

(Spell #306289)

Wrathion channels (Spell #306289) for 4 seconds, creating a 30-yard zone around you.

  • At the end of the cast, all players in the zone take great damage and are repelled.
  • Players outside the zone receive a moderate amount of fire damage.
  • Immediately after, the location below several players will be marked and hit with a fireball moments later, causing a major burst of fire damage.
  • Once (Spell #306289) is released, all players must move away 30 yards from the boss, moving away from each other to avoid the fireballs after the ability ends.

Get away from the boss when (Spell #306289) is cast!

(Spell #306735)

Approximately 1 minute after starting in phase one, Wrathion will use (Spell #306735).

  • He will briefly look at a edge of the room and then teleport to that location. This location is usually far from the boss's current location.
  • It will then expel several (Spell #312490) that will grow over 10 seconds, almost covering the space of the fight.
  • Anyone inside these zones will suffer major damage and be almost lethal when it explodes after 10 seconds.
  • Players need to quickly find an area in the room that the (Spell #312490) do not reach – this is almost always opposite to the boss's location.

After all zones (Spell #312490) are detonatod, the boss will immediately cast (Spell #306794).

  • This marks several locations with red rotating circles that explode after a few moments, dealing reduced fire damage and repelling anyone within a 10-mile radius.
  • Subsequently, (Spell #306824) are formed at each impact location. These puddles do not deal damage to players inside them and only have one function during phase two.

Once cast (Spell #306794), the boss will resume his usual first-stage mechanics.

The sequence of spells (Spell #306735).

Phase 2

(PNJ #158327)

Immediately after entering phase two, the boss will release Smoke and Mirrors.

  • This causes each of (Spell #306824) to create one (PNJ #158327), an attackable enemy.
  • After ~ 1 minute, the boss will return to phase one.Any remaining (PNJ #158327) will turn into (Spell #307053), a small area that causes damage caused over time to anyone who passes it.
  • In addition, (Spell #307053) applies a permanent debuff called (Spell #311362) to the entire raid that causes minor damage over time, but will accumulate for each lava puddle in the fight.
  • Because of this, the entire raid must focus on killing all the Shards before phase two is over.

Killing one (PNJ #158327) causes one (Spell #307017) deals a much smaller amount of fire damage to all players within a 10 m radius.

  • This should be no reason to discourage melee players from attacking them (PNJ #158327), instead players should be cautious when they are near large groups of fragments that will die in a short time.

Destroy them (PNJ #158327) before the end of the phase!

(Spell #308682)

Just like the ones (PNJ #158327), three (Spell #308682) fall from the boss as soon as the phase begins.

  • These scales will cause great damage to the raid if they are not absorbed by a player, so the raid must have one person in each of the three zones.
  • The player you absorbed will gain 10 debuff accumulations (Spell #307013), which lasts 10 seconds.
  • This debuff will allow the player to find one (PNJ #158327), destroying it instantly while extending the duration of (Spell #307013) by about 1 second per destroyed fragment.
  • Players who obtain this debuff should focus on clearing as many fragments as allowed – ideally, those that are not grouped, as they will be more easily killed by the GROUP AOE and cut off the damage.
  • The raid may want to assign classes with high mobility to obtain these debuffs to ensure that all 10 rollups are fully used before the timeout runs out.

After ~ 1 minute or short after all (PNJ # 158327) have been destroyed, the boss will reappear and phase one will begin again.

  • The fight will continue to alternate between the two stages until the boss is dead.

Go to a Wrathion Scales and then run through the shrapnel to destroy them!

Heroic Mode

(PNJ #160291)

Soon after the start of phase two, several (PNJ # 160291) will appear on the edges of the fight space.

  • Immediately after spawning, the assassins will be stealthy thanks to (Spell #312266).
  • This stealth is removed through stealth-revealing spells (such as a Hunters Flag) or by damage (usually from an AOE ability, as assassins cannot be targeted unless they are too close).
  • While stealthy, assassins attack players, stunning them for 10 seconds with (Spell #314347) or dealing a major burst of damage to them with the (Spell #314373).
  • The raid needs to quickly remove assassins from stealth to prevent them from using these abilities, especially those with debuffs (Spell #307013).
  • All players must use as many AOE abilities as they can, focused on the space they have added or the area around them (Spell #307013).
  • Since the adds are out of stealth, they must be grouped by tanks and passively eliminated, as they are not very dangerous once they are visible.

Use AoE skills to get the killers out of invisibility!

Mythic Mode

Phase 1

(Spell #313250)

At the beginning of each stage, all players receive the debuff (Spell #313250).

  • This 2.3-minute debuff will give players slow buildups each time they move.
  • The slow debuff lasts 45 seconds and while with 50 buildups, the player will take great shadow damage each time they move.
  • The entire raid needs to keep the amount of movement to a minimum to keep the damage received as low as possible.

Several classes have abilities that can remove the slow debuff. Currently, there is no known way to remove the debuff (Spell #313250).

Early positioning of the mechanics is essential to maintain the raid movement and the accumulations they generate, at a minimum.

  • Long range players must be preset throughout phase one, as this should keep the movement required during (Spell #306289) to a minimum.
  • The boss should usually be fixed in the middle of the room, to allow the raid to always be at a reasonable distance from any edge of the room when the (Spell #306735) is cast.

During the second (Spell #306735), the debuff (Spell #313250) will expire along with the remaining slow buildups.

Phase 2

(Spell #313175)

All (PNJ #158327) that appear at the beginning of phase two have the debuff (Spell #313175), which makes them invulnerable to damage.

(Spell #307013) should still pass as many as possible (PNJ #158327), the raid must now be ready to destroy all of them before the start of the second phase.

  • During the most recent PTR tests, there were more (PNJ #158327) than buildups (Spell #307013) to remove the debuff (Spell #313175).
  • This ensures that some (at least 5) (PNJ #158327) s become (Spell #307053) at the end of the phase.
  • It is unclear whether this is an intended mechanic (to increase the healing production required during the fight) or simply a miscalculation.
  • If this is desired, players with (Spell #307013) should try to clear (Spell #313175) instead of just the isolated ones. This will help ensure that as many fragments as possible are destroyed before phase one starts again.


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