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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the third article in the Ny'alotha raid guide, the Bfa Awakening City, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead and focuses on chief Maut! The original guide can be accessed Ny'alotha Raid Strategy Guides For All Bosses by FatbossTV – Now Live!

This guide is now available for all lfr to mythical difficulties. To view unique heroic mode tips, click here. Or if you want to view unique tips from the mythic mode, click here.

Quick Guide

With the obsessive use of power that N'Zoth granted him, Vexiona raised a cult of worshippers who covet the gifts of Chaos. From the top of her temple in the Black Empire, she transforms the most devout followers into ruthless horrors.

Rating: Elite
Requires level: 120
Territory: Contested
Dungeon type:
Raid Wing: 1 – Visions of Destiny
Number of playe
rs: 10/30
Zone I
D: 10522
Added in patch:

General Information About Fighting

Maut is a two-stage encounter that revolves around the boss's mana. During the first phase, players need to properly perform the mechanics and avoid the skills to reduce the rate at which the boss gains mana. During phase two, the raid must damage the boss's mana bar while absorbing the spheres that grant mana that are heading toward the boss.

Maut is the second or third chief of New York. After defeating Maut and the Prophet Skitra, players can choose from the bosses: Zanesh Dark Inquiide, The Collective Mind, Shad'har, or Drest'agath.


The loot level of this boss is:

RaidFinder Normal Heroic Mythical
430 460 460 475


Armor Weapons Rings and Trines Azerite Items
Greaves of Forbidden Magics
Living Obsidian Legguards
Mana-Infused Sash
Boots of Manifest Shadow
Sk'shuul Vaz – This weapon has the effect of obsidian skin corruption, it increases the corruption of your character by 50.
An'zig Vra – This weapon has the effect of corruption Devour Vitality, it increases the corruption of your character by 35.
Sigil of Warding
Forbidden Obsidian Claw
Pauldrons of Ill Portent
Stygian Guise

In addition to the above items, you can drop the Muar mascot.

Quick Tips

Phase 1

Phase 2

  • Join the boss and use all abilities through his mana shield before he finishes cading (Spell #305722) .
  • A DPS with good mobility should absorb any sphere of mana that travels towards the boss as soon as possible.
  • After absorbing a mana sphere, stay close to the raid to spread the buff (Spell #306301) to your allies.
  • Kill the boss before he gains too many buildups (Spell #306387)!

Skills & Strategies

Phase 1

(Spell #308158)

During phase one, Maut passively deals a small amount of shadow damage to the entire raid every few seconds. This damage increases as Maut generates mana.

  • The boss gains mana passively over time, as well as through some of his abilities, making this damage progressively more dangerous.
  • Healers just need to be aware that by the end of the first phase, the raid will likely be taking considerably high damage.

(Spell #307805)

Every 25 seconds, multiple players will be marked with the debuff (Spell #307805).

  • The number of players affected with the debuff is escalated with raid size, with 1 debuff being applied to every 5 players.
  • After these 6-second debuffs expire, they deal a magical damage blast to all players within a 9 m radius, and secure the boss's mana for each player hit.

Each debuff (Spell #307805) also leaves behind a zone (Spell #307839), which causes increasing damage and drains the mana of the players in it.

  • Zones also make all players or creatures within it immune to damage and healing, while also silencing them. It doesn't affect the boss.
  • (Spell #307839) last until the end of the phase, when they detonato damage anyone inside them.
  • Players focused on (Spell #307805) should put their debuffs away from others, but not far away, as players need access to the zones (Spell #307839) they leave behind.
  • We recommend that at least one (Spell #307805) expire near the melee players, to allow melee players to enter it without having to get out of melee range.

Get away from the allies with (Spell #307805)!

(Spell #308044)

Every ~ 40 seconds, the boss uses (Spell #308044), which deals lethal shadow damage to all players.

  • Players must enter a zone (Spell #307839) created by the debuffs (Spell #307805) before the 5-second cast ends to become immune to damage caused.
  • When (Spell #308044) is over, everyone should quickly leave the zones, otherwise they will suffer unnecessary damage.

Stay inside a zone (Spell #307839) to avoid damage (Spell #308044).

(Spell #310129)

Occasionally, Maut strikes the tank with (Spell #310129), dealing a large burst of physical damage and applying buildups of (Spell #307399).

  • (Spell #307399) is a 24-second debuff that deals moderate shadow damage every 2 seconds. That can build up.
  • Tanks must change the aggro while the debuff decreases, usually after 2-3 launches from Shadow Claw.

(PNJ #156650)

Every ~40 seconds, Maut launches (PNJ #156650) creating a black hole that drags all players in his direction.

  • After 6 seconds, it explodes, causing a major explosion of damage to anyone within a 12-meter radius.
  • Immediately after detonation, an adds with the same name emerges from the black hole.

Race against black hole traction (PNJ #156650).

(PNJ #156650) has 1 hp, but in return has a large mana shield that acts as a defense due to its passive (Spell #305675).

  • An off-tank must keep the add at least 20 yards from Maut at all times, otherwise the boss will throw (Spell #309315), killing the add instantly while gaining any remaining mana that the add has.
  • Ideally, tanks will take the aggro from the adds as soon as possible, so that the buildups (Spell #310129) are reduced to a minimum in any tank.

In addition, the add will use (Spell #308872), which gives the boss up to 20% mana remaining.

  • This cast can only be stopped by dragging the add to a zone (Spell #307839).
  • The off-tank should drag the add into the zone to interrupt the cast, but return rapidament, as the add would be immune to magical damage while inside the zone.
  • All DPS should focus on eliminating the (PNJ #156650) as soon as possible, to ensure that there is no more than one live add at any time.

Keep the (PNJ #156650) at a minimum distance of 20 yards from the boss.

Upon reaching the full mana, Maut will move to the center of the meeting space and enter phase two.

  • All zones (Spell #307839) will be detonators, so players should avoid them when transitions begin.

Phase 2

(Spell #306005)

Maut is completely inactive during phase two, still in the middle of the room.

  • During this phase, he is protected by his mana shield.Maut loses mana instead of health when he takes damage, and 100% of the damage received is reflected back on the attacker.
  • The attack needs to break through its shield in 1 minute, otherwise it will use (Spell #305722), dealing lethal damage to the entire raid.
  • DPS that uses large damage cooldowns may need to be careful when doing so, as they will receive a lot of reflected damage in return.

(Spell #306290)

During this phase, an orb will appear every 10-15 seconds of a randomly selected pillar in the room.

Don't let this orb get to the boss

  • This orb travels towards Maut.Upon reaching it, it grants him 15% maximum mana, which can lead to a wipe due to (Spell #305722).
  • Players can intercept the orb, causing it to detonate, dealing wide damage to the raid, which increases depending on the distance the orb traveled.
  • Players who absorb the ball will gain the debuff (Spell #306301), which will blow them up after 6 seconds.
  • This explosion grants allies within a 20-meter radius of 150% mana regeneration and 50% healing increased by 8 seconds.

Because ores can travel from any direction, several DPS with good mobility, such as hunters and mages, must intercept them.

  • This should be done as soon as possible to minimize the amount of damage the sphere deals.
  • Once absorbed, the player must return to the remainder of the raid to grant the buff (Spell #306301) to healers.
  • The raid must accumulate directly next to the boss to benefit from area healing spells, as a reasonable amount of healing may be required during this phase.

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With this healers recover all their mana until the end of phase two, as long as they receive each buff (Spell #306301), they should not worry about saving mana during phase one.

(Spell #306387)

Maut will slowly drain his own mana shield during phase two, gaining a permanent increase in stacking damage.

  • Players should try to get out of this phase as soon as possible, the longer the stage lasts, the more damage it will do for the rest of the match.
  • This also acts as a pseudo-enraged, as the boss deals more and more damage each time he exits phase two.

Once Maut's mana shield is exhausted, the fight will return to phase one and continue to repeat until the boss is defeated.

Heroic Mode

Phase 1

(Spell #305663)

Periodically, during phase one, Maut will focus on a random DPS and use it (Spell #305663).

  • After a short cast, Maut triggers a major repulsion on a 40-yard cone, causing a moderate burst of physical damage.
  • As this is geared only to the location of melee players, these players should try to stick together on one side of the boss while all the other players are on the other side.
  • This doesn't always work, as melee players may need to change position when dealing with mechanics (such as a debuff (Spell #307805) or kill an add (PNJ #156650)).
  • As a precaution, all players should position themselves in such a way that a knockback is not too harmful (such as ensuring that they are not played in a zone (Spell #307839)).

Phase 2

(Spell #314992)

During phase two, Maut will periodically apply some debuffs (Spell #314992) to random players.

  • These debuffs deal damage to the player while burning his mana for 8 seconds.
  • Maut gains 1% mana every second this debuff is active.
  • When the spell is removed, it deals moderate damage to the shadows and burns 10,000 mana from all allies within an 8-m radius.

When a player suffers (Spell #314992), he must quickly move away from the attack team to be safely dispelled.

  • This ensures that the raid remains safe, but probably means that Maut can earn a considerable amount of mana.
  • Alternatively, healers may just want to instantly dissipate these debuffs. This will damage the raid, but minimize the damage required to break maut's mana shield in time.
  • This is a call your healers will need to make, as they should only disappear instantly if they are comfortable with it.
  • The mana burn that occurs when the debuffs are removed does not grant mana to Maut, it only takes mana from the players, which is not a problem due to the constant flow of buffs (Spell #306301).

Get away from the raid when you're with (Spell #314992)!

Mythic Mode

(Spell #314337)

Approximately every minute during phase one, Maut applies a debuff (Spell #314337) to all players. These curse debuffs last 24 seconds and reduce players' movement speed by 15%.

  • When the curse is removed before it expires, the entire raid takes a small amount of physical damage.
  • If the curse expires naturally after 24 seconds, the player dies instantly.

(Spell #314337) will be immediately dissipated if it is a Druid, Mage, or Shaman, or if a player enters the zone (Spell #307839).

  • The raid should remove your debuffs over ~20 seconds in a staggered manner.
  • If the entire raid removes its debuff at the same time, the combined damage would destroy the raid.
  • We recommend that you do not have more than 4 people resetting at the same time, to prevent the damage caused by the raid being large.
  • Tanks should not be reset in this manner, but must be removed by another player. This helps maintain consistent enemy positioning.

Alternatively, the raid could be fully appealed to by the players.

  • The raid has 24 seconds to dispel 20 people. In theory, 5 players with perfect dissipation could dissipate 4 players, denying the mechanics.
  • In reality, it is likely that each player will get only 3 sinks before the debuff expires.
  • So to adopt this strategy, the raid back7 classes able to remove curses in its composition.
  • We recommend that each "player" has three people to be sentenced to ensure that the entire raid is safe every time.
  • As a reminder, the classes that can remove curses are: Druid, Mage, and Shaman.
  • The benefits of this strategy are that players would not need to enter a zone (Spell #307839), allowing more production uptime.
  • The disadvantage is that it requires many assignments and has a rather complicated attack composition requirement.

Currently, it is unclear which of the two strategies will be used.

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