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Hello my loves, all right with you? Welcome to the first article of the Ny'alotha raid guide, the Bfa Awakening City, this is a translation of the guide originally created in wowhead, which can be accessed Ny'alotha Raid Strategy Guides For All Bosses by FatbossTV – Now Live!. So that it does not get a very extensive article, I separated this guide into parts according to the individuality of each.

Quick Guide

Ny'alotha, is cited as the sleeping city or the city of dreams, is the domain of the Black Empire, a dimension inhabited by the Ancient Gods and their subordinates. After being released from his titanic prison during The Fourth War, N'Zoth began trying to tear down the veil that stems Ny'alotha from the physical world, unleashing nightmares and visions of a future in which the forces of the Ancient God ascend to Azeroth.

Territory: Contested
Dungeon type
: Raid
Number of players: 10/30
Added in patch:

Heads and Fight Guides

Ward 1 – Visions of Destiny



The Prophet Skitra
Despite all the precautions, Wrathion could not resist the madness that dominated his father. With the perverted mind of N'Zoth, he believes that the only way to defend Azeroth is to rule it in the name of the Ancient God. Leaving behind the prince's robe, Wrathion now takes his rightover place as Black Emperor. When the aqir rose from the sands of the desert, their prophets began the construction of an obsidian destroyer imbued with the essence of the Ancient Gods. The insatiable seed by magic caused Maut to consume the mana of the creators, leaving their corpses to rot under uldum's calcinante sun. A master of illusion, Skitra delight in terrorizing victims by breaking their perception of reality. Those who do not escape illusions are lost in New York for all eternity.
Ward 2 – Devotion Halls

Zanesh Dark Inquitire


The Collective Mind

Ra-den the Spoliated
Few can resist the promptings of the Ancient Gods, but these few end up at the mercy of the Dark Inquisidora Zanesh. A cruel and sadic torturer, Zanesh prides herself on slowly undermining the sanity of the victims until only an unwavering devotion to N'Zoth remains. With the obsessive use of power that N'Zoth granted him, Vexiona raised a cult of worshippers who covet the gifts of Chaos. From the top of her temple in the Black Empire, she transforms the most devout followers into ruthless horrors. Caught in a clash of wills, generals Ka'zir and Tek'ris constantly vie for the rule of the Aqir people. In which they take control of each other, the hive exchanges tactics and obeys each order with fervent loyalty. While bravely fighting to save the Heart Chamber, Ra-den was pulled to New York, where he fell victim to N'Zoth's whispers. The despair he has longed for so many years has finally smothered the little he had left of hope, making his corruption absolute. Now the Grand Guardian will do anything to fulfill the will of the Ancient God.
Ward 3 – Gift Of The Flesh

Shad'har the Insatiable


Il'gynoth, The Reincarnated Corruption
One of N'Zoth's most terrifying creations, Shad'har the Insatiable, is fed up with the corrupted carcasses of the minions of the Ancient God who have been discarded in the domain. Plagued by unceasing hunger, Shad'har's body perverts and transforms with every corpse devoured. The grotesque amalgam of flesh called Drest'agath hibernou under Ny'alotha for millennia until it was awakened by the return of N'Zoth. Now she stands up like a disgusting pustule, ready to burst and spread the grotesque pestilence through Azeroth. After the defeat in the Emerald Nightmare, Il'gynoth retired to the depths of Ny'alotha to regain strength. Now it merged with the architecture of the city and spread throughout the Black Empire as an infestation. As Il'gynoth's corrupting flesh grows, so does his power.
Ward 4 – The Waking Dream

N'Zoth Caracaraça

N'Zoth the Corruptor
In the heart of New York lies a horrendous mountain of flesh teeming with eyes and tentacles of unlimited corruption. Madness itself flows from the twisted mass, eroding the sanity of all who approach. This is the heart of the Black Empire, the power-making of N'Zoth, the body of a god. From the titanic prison in the depths of the seas, N'Zoth spent eons subtly spreading his influence through Azeroth. Now free from captivity, the Corruptor reveals the true form by putting into practice the supreme plan to realize his vision of the Dark Empire. If he is not arrested, everything we know will be remade in the image of eternal insanity.

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