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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the Article on Weapons Skills from World Of Warcraft: Classic. This article was based on Classic WoW Weapon Skills originally published by WoWHead on 08/21/2019.

What is weapon skill?

Weapon Skills in wow classic (Source: Wowhead)

Weapon ability basically represents your proficiency with a weapon type in wow, and by increasing your weapon ability you reduce your chance of making a mistake when attacking a target. All characters start with some weapon skills, depending on the chosen class and race, and can train additional weapon skills with weapon masters in each important city in your faction.

While spells in Classic WoW can be resisted, weapon ability is not taken into account when determining whether a spell will hit. Weapon skill is just one factor for melee attacks.

Characters in level 1 start with a weapon skill limit of 5, and the weapon skill limit value increases by 5 based on your level. At level 60, a character's weapon skill limit will be 300.

Some items and racial abilities grant an extra weapon skill, which can exceed the skill limit of 300. For example, the Orcs' racial ability, Axe Specialization, and the epic drop of The Laminar Master's Hand Protectors item.

Players must reach level 10 so they can train additional weapons skills, with the exception of Haste Weapons, which require level 20.

While players have to train to learn how to equip The Fist Guns, the fist guns do not teach an exclusive weapon skill. They use the Unarmed Combat ability. In this case, players can level up their Unarmed Combat by simply disequipting their weapon and attacking enemy monsters before they learn to use the Fist Weapons.

Players with Mage, Priest, and Wizard class start with wands by default. In addition, Wands cannot be trained or learned by any other class.

Weapon Effect when attacking NPCs (PvE Attack)

When fighting PvE mobs, there are some built-in game calculations that define the basic chance of your attack being dodged, deflected, lost, or hit critically based on your weapon skill and npc defense ability.

Against mobs with defense more or less equal to or greater than your weapon skill, there is a chance to hit a "Glancing Blow" instead of an ordinary hit. Such a blow only occurs in white melee damage, cannot give criticism and deals less damage than a normal blow.

The weapon skill level is significant as it will make it easier to attack and deal consistent damage to mobs. It will also help determine how many hits you'll need to hit against raid bosses to continue dealing consistent damage.

Weapon Effect when Receiving Attacks from NPCs (PvE Defense)

In addition to players, mobs also have weapon skills that determine whether their attacks will be blocked, deflected, dodged, wrong, or hit critically (which is also based on their Defense ability).

If the ability of an npc weapon is at least 20 points higher than the target's level defense ability, there is a chance that the target will receive a Crushing Blow. A "Crushing Blow" is a normal or critical blow from an NPC that deals 150% of the damage it would normally cause.

If an npc hits a target from behind, and the target receives damage from the hit that is not absorbed, there is a chance the player will be Stunned (based on their Defense ability). The base chance of a level 30+ target being stunned when hit from behind, if the npc weapon ability is equal to the target's Defense ability, is 20%.

Effect of Weapons against Players (PvP)

Weapon abilities are maximized in PvP combat, so leveling your weapon skill to PvP is relatively useless. When attacking an enemy player, your weapon skill will always be considered their level multiplied by 5 (X *5), and your target's Defense will always be treated as your level multiplied by 5 (X *5) before any level of defense of your target. equipment are also taken into account.

While weapon skill does not affect your chance to hit enemy players on battlefields, it still affects your chance of hitting enemy players in the PvP world or duels.

Leveling of weapon skills

Skill leveling with weapons (Source: WowHead)

Each attack that is not avoided has the chance to increase the ability with weapons (fleeing from enemies does not increase the ability with weapons, unfortunately). With lower weapon abilities, the skill gain rate is equal to or close to 100%, however, the change in skill gain begins to decrease sharply when the player reaches close to the weapon skill limit. With 10% distance from the limit, the skill gain is approximately 50%, and earning the final skill points can take some time (to the point where your attacks shouldn't be absent as often).

The chance to swing does not seem to be related to the swing speed of the weapon, so a faster weapon should result in a higher chance of increasing the ability with the weapon. Depending on your class, use attacks like Sinister Strike and Cut Tendon to increase your weapon skill faster.

The intellect also increases the rate at which weapon skills are learned, so if possible, try to acquire an intellect bonus or use an intellect parchment. Equipping any equipment with + intellect will also help you get skill with weapons.

Training Cost

Training for each weapon skill requires level 10 and costs 10, with the exception of Stem Weapons, which cost 1 and require level 20.

Masters of Arms

Master weapons are accessible in the capital city of each faction, although each Master of Arms can train different weapon skills. Each weapon master has a dialog option that tells the player exactly where to go to train a specific weapon skill.



Ilyenia Flameluna is located on the (57.7, 46) Warrior's Terrace in Darnassus, opposite the trainers and masters of battle. With it you can train:

Hanashi is located in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, in the building (81.5, 19.6). With it you can train:

Bixi Bateagita is located in the military wing of Alta Forge, in the building (62.2, 89.6). With it you can train:

Sayoc is located in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, in the building (81.7, 19.6). With it you can train:

Bulif Manopedra is located in the military wing of Alta Forja, in the building (61.2, 89.5). With it you can train:

Ansekhwa is located in the center of Thunder Totem, next to the building (40, 63.1). With it you can learn:

Woo Ping is located in the commercial district of Ventobravo, in the building (57.1, 57.7). With it you can learn:

Archibale is located in the inner cloister of the Lower City War District, near the Instructor and Mining Supplier (57.3, 32.8). With it you can train:

Weapons Skills According to Class and Race



Items/ Sets That Increase Weapon Ability

Clarification on the limit of correct answers

The World of Warcraft: Classic development team also clarified how the hit cap works against raid bosses and defense skills, which is relevant to weapon skills. See the article originally by clicking here.

There are a lot of questions seeking additional clarification in this thread, and while we're not going to dig too deep into everything asked here, we did want to take a quick moment to highlight this comment and our findings around it in particular. In the days following our original post, we did an even deeper deep dive into combat, focusing on max level characters with various races, classes, talents and gear added to the equation. In doing so we discovered something very interesting:

There is some code in 1.12 that explicitly adds a modifier that causes the first 1% of +hit gained from talents or gear to be ignored against monsters with more than 10 Defense Skill above the attacking player's Weapon Skill.

This means that the so-called "hit cap" is in effect 9% rather than 8% for a player with 300 Weapon Skill fighting a level 63 monster with a Defense Skill of 315. With a Weapon Skill of 305, such as from Sword Specialization (Humans) or Axe Specialization (Orcs), this hit modifier is no longer in place against +3 level monsters, provided that you are using the appropriate weapon type to gain the passive bonus. Needless to say, this makes +Weapon Skill very good against raid-level monsters.

This code is already fully present in the WoW Classic client, and this will continue to function exactly as it did in the original game.

Thanks everyone in this thread for their interest in this topic. It's this kind of discussion and attention to detail that makes this project so incredibly fun to be a part of 🙂

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