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In this latest BFA update, a new cinematic has been released. Saurfang challenges Sylvanas to a Mak'gora, the duel of honor to the death. While Saurfang knows he will lose, he symbolically wants to fight Sylvanas in front of orgrimmar's crowd. Armed with the weapons of Anduin and Thrall, both with long legacies, Saurfang makes a brave stand against Sylvanas, but can barely be hit. Sylvanas, on the other hand, uses a curved blade (Xal'atath?) To instantly injure Saurfang with dark magic.

It's an interesting fight – both are veterans with iconic combat styles – Saurfang using his axe to spin, and Sylvanas using ranged attacks and arrows. But here they fight a more symbolic battle of Light vs. Shadow. (You are an Orc, Saurfang! Use this Axe for +5 skill, not Anduin's sword!)

When Saurfang finally hits Sylvanas, she reveals her true feelings – that the Horde is nothing – and destroys Saurfang in a cloud of purple smoke, before flying away.

While Sylvanas escaped, the Alliance and horde end up more unified than before, as even Sylvanas' supporters who believed she was fighting for the Horde now hear directly from her that they don't matter.

The War Campaign may have concluded, but the mystery surrounding Sylvanas in Battle for Azeroth remains, as it is still unclear which side she is on and whether she continues to be frustrated – or getting two steps ahead of us and winning.

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