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Hello bbs, all right with you guys? Welcome to the Article on The Best Addons for World Of Warcraft: Classic. This article was based on Best Addons for WoW Classic Updated and Expanded originally published by WoWHead on 01/09/2019.

World Of Warcraft: Classic was officially released on September 27, 2019. Thanks to this we had the chance to play again with several old addons and another new in foil! If you're looking for addons that improve your gameplay in general, whether it's helping to organize your UI or organize your backpack, or even find the missions. It has addon for everything! Below I left a list of all the recommended addons for classic, but it is worth remembering that none of them is mandatory and sometimes has more than one for the same function. So don't download them all without reading first, okay? So let's go!

Of course, not all retail or vanilla version addons of the game have been ported to Classic; As with any fan-made project, some are no longer retained or their authors may not be interested in Classic. If you don't find your favorite addon, try contacting the author at WoWInterface or CurseForge to see if there will be a new version. In the meantime, check out our list and maybe find something new to love, or tell us your favorite WoW Classic addon in the comments below!

How to add addons to WoW: Classic?

Installing addons in Classic is the same as manually installing an addon in WoW Retail. First, you should download the addon from WoWInterface, CurseForge or other addon repositories. Next, you need to extract the addon in your WoW Classic folder, the default location where addons should be placed is:

C:World of Warcraft_classic_InterfaceAddOns

It is worth remembering that the interface folder in WoW Classic may not exist on your computer, if this occurs just create it manually following the same names and paths. If you do everything right, a new button will appear when you access the character selection screen, which is used to list all installed addons.

Addons for Interface (UI)

Here we'll talk about everything related to interface, be it action bars, drive frames, buffs and debuffs, nameplates, bags and more. These addons enhance, reorganize, or customize the UI – with what you see and interact with during the game. Keep in case this is just a suggestion, as there are several similar versions of each of these types of addons available.

  • ArkInventory Classic – A configurable backpack addon that lets you sort, categorize, filter and manage your inventory according to your own tastes and desires;
  • Bagnon – Another backpack addon that helps you manage your inventory, in addition to tracking your inventory in other characters and banks, great for tracking your reagents of professions. The Retail version is also configured to work in Classic, just use the same version for both;
  • Bartender4 – This addon allows you to have custom action bars, allows you to hide blizzard art, separate or completely hide the backpack bar, minimenu, xp bar and its regular action bars. It contains a wide variety of features, such as hiding bars using mouseover or the player going into combat, great for key combination spells that you don't necessarily need to see and keep the UI clean.

Arrange your screen by setting bars to show only when you hover over!

  • ClassicSpellActivations – Adds a highlight to spells that have special requirements to be activated.
  • ClassicAuraDurations – Adds a time counter to your debuffs, a feature not present in Classic. Works great with OmniCC.
  • Masque (classic) – Redefines the styles of simple buttons, which supports a variety of styles. It doesn't add anything in terms of gameplay or information, it just looks beautiful!
  • NeatPlates – A Tidyplate nameplate addon with a variety of predefined and customization options, including debuff tracking, color code based on hostility or threat, and more. Be sure to download the Classic version instead of the Retail version.

  • SimpleMap – Simple and direct addon that reduces the size of the world map and removes the black background, allowing you to see the map without locking the rest of the screen, with an optional fader while moving;
  • Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0 – A powerful and highly customizable unit frame addon that lets you rearrange, hide, or customize your drive frames.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames – Another customizable unit frame addon, similar to Pitbull. Be sure to download the Classic version in the Files section instead of the Retail version;
  • Tukui and ElvUI – An extensive prefabricated all-in-one user interface that combines the elements of several of the above addons. Great for players who don't want to set up their own UI, but make a lot of changes, which can be difficult to undo if it's not to their liking; so know what you're doing before installing!

Information and Combat

Similar to the UI section, these addons add information, rather than simply customization, which can help give you an edge in combat.

  • Classic Cast Bars – Adds cast bars to the target, so you can tell what an enemy is castrating and when to make it easier to interrupt the correct spell.

  • ClassicThreatMeter – An invaluable addon for all players, but mostly tanks and DPS, showing the relative values of the threats of the players, informing who is close to receiving the aggro. Managing aggro can be an important part of classic combat, and it's important that all players in the group or raid use this addon so others can track your threats! A complement to any endgame dungeon or serious attack group.
  • Details! Damage Meter Classic – A complete damage meter.
  • HealComm – healing addon that informs other healers about their incoming heals, feature that is not present in classic.
  • MikScrollingBattleText Classic – Addon that allows you to customize and move the default damage numbers along with support for the healing received and other information. Highly recommended to spend some time in the setup, as "out-of-the-go" settings can display extra information that may be unnecessary for many players.
  • OmniCC – This is a simple but remarkably useful addon regardless of what you are doing in the game. This adds a simple timer to your reload skills. This lets you know exactly when they'll be back, so you know when you can use them again or align key skills with cooldowns as needed.

  • Real Mob Health – In Classic, the numerical health values of enemies are not shown, only percentages. This add-on evaluates the damage done to a target to estimate and display its actual health values.
  • Spy Classic – Search for enemy players and warns you when they are nearby, extremely useful for Open World PvP. While some may complain that it's not fair, hardcore PvP players know that the only fair fight is the one you lose.
  • WeakAuras2 Classic – Addon robust interface that allows the player to create auras to track different aspects of the game. The Wago.io has a unique section for Classic, so you can see which auras have already been created and shared by others.

Dungeons and Raids

  • AtlasLootClassic – Addon to check all tables of in-game items. Useful as Classic does not have a Dungeon Journal like Retail.
  • BigWigs Classic – Adds timers and warnings for boss mechanics.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – Classic – Adds timers and warnings to boss mechanics.


These addons will make your quest experience easier by helping you track, find, and complete appropriate level missions.

  • Classic Quest Log for Classic – Despite the strange name, it's an invaluable addon that restores the quest log in two panels, allowing you to see all your missions on the left and the currently selected information on the right, for much easier navigation.

Before | After

  • Azeroth Auto Pilot – An addon that helps the player level up quickly, it automates multiple experience routes and directs you where to go based on your level. As with many automated addons, it can be quirky at times, taking you on a questionable route, but it's still a good option for players who wish to go through the leveling as quickly as possible.
  • Classic Codex – A mix between Azeroth Auto Pilot and Questie, it shows the missions and mobs available on the map, with several customizable options for automatic mission acceptance/delivery and various filter options.
  • Questie – Mission Assistant, which marks the location of mission NPCs, informs locations and transforms into the map and minimap, filtered by its range level. Unlike other addons, there is no automation, so you still choose where to go, what to choose and how to do it, but it helps inform the player and makes the leveling experience a little smoother.

  • Quest Frame Fixer – A simple addon that shows you ?,! and NPC dialogue icons for missions.
  • Quest Icon Desaturation – Another simple addon that correctly transforms the npc dialog markers from gray missions to incomplete missions. Pair well with Quest Frame Fixer.

Quality of Life

  • Advanced Interface Options – Displays all interface options hidden by Blizzard. It also includes a cvar explorer, useful and perfect for players who like to adjust their WoW Client.
  • ItemTooltipProfessionIcons – Adds a small icon to the item's tooltips, indicating whether they are used for a profession or mission. Compact and non-invasive, although unfortunately it does not say for which mission the item is used or if you have completed it yet. It's good to know which items you can sell safely and which ones you might want to save or search for in Wowhead to see what they're used for.

  • Leatrix – A highly customizable quality of life addon designed to enhance the standard UI. You can do things like automatically sell gray quality trash, automatically release after death, automatically accept pending resurrections and select, accept and deliver missions without having to click on the instructions or game menus manually.
  • MapCoords Classic – Adds coordinates to your map and minimap, allowing you to easily check your current and relative position.
  • TomCat's Tours – A lightweight addon of maps and alternative coordinate minimaps.

  • Peace and Quiet – Automatically disables general and local defense channels when you enter an instance, dungeon, or PvP invasion and reactivates them when you leave.
  • Peggle Classic – Arguably the most important addon, allows you to play Peggle on flight routes, by hagging items, while waiting for a rez or whenever you want. You can even challenge your friends!

  • Vendor Price – shows the sale price of an item in the game tooltip for that item. Pairs well with ItemTooltipProfessionIcons (see above).

Ways to Get Rich (AH)

  • TradeSkillMaster 4 – The ultimate addon to Auction House, extremely powerful and complete, it provides all the tools needed to handle auction house, but has a learning time.
  • Auctionator – A simple addon from Auction House to meet your daily needs.

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